Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Marks'

Another one from the depths of my memory! (And they say that dogs don't have long term memories! Ha!). For Thanksgiving this year, Mom, Dad and I went to Dad's parent's house for the family gathering. It was a lot of fun! There was a lot of people there - Dad's parents, his sister, niece and 2 bothers. Phew! Lots of feet to walk around! But, there was someone better than all the people there... Accord!! Yippy!! I love getting to spend time with Accord! He is SO much fun to run with! We got to run in the yard and have a great time, but once in the house we had to be good! All those 2-foots means that there are a lot of people to trip up with us walking around.

I hung out on one side of the couch and Accord was on the other.

I only had one problem with the day. The people spent the whole time in the kitchen. They cooked some, ate some, cooked some, ate some, cooked some then all sat down to have a big dinner. But not a single thing for me! Sure, I got tossed an ice cube here and there, but that was all! Just look at the counter!

Eventually, I was given some dog food. yippy. I'm actually kind of insulted about this whole situation. I was perfectly behaved! I sat when told to do so! I came when I was asked! I was quiet and chewed on my own toys. I didn't beg for any of that food even once! Accord, on the other hand did beg - and he got food! He got TURKEY! How the heck does that happen?!?! No fair! I'm thinking of staging a revolt next Thanksgiving! Or maybe I will just boycott the whole holiday! No fair! No fair! No fair! I'm a hungry Labrador!

Sigh. These people will never change! Guess I better learn to live with it!

Love and Licks,