Monday, June 29, 2009

Back to Blogging!

OK, I've been slacking! It's been SO pretty outside that I haven't been in at the computer. There is SO much to do outside! Romping in the yard! Running like a mad woman! Sniffing out what animals have been through our yard. I even stole a marigold out of Mom's garden! Oops! I won't be trying that one again!

I'm still cute as can be!

I'm also still off the nylabones. It makes me SO sad not to have my nylas to chew on! I spotted one in the back seat of the car one day and dove into the back seat from the cargo area of the SUV to get it. That didn't go over well with me. Whoops! But, at least I got a quick taste of my wonderful wishbone!

Though I am separated from my bonies, I get something new! I think it's pretty cool - and special! The other dogs don't get my special treat! Mom takes kibble and soaks it 'til its mushy. Then, she fills up my kong and puts it in the freezer. Let me tell you! HEAVEN!! I wasn't a kong fan before, but now I can't wait to get my teeth around them! Yum! Mom says not to tell the other puppies at class though - no one else is supposed to get kibble ice cubes! It's for "special cases" like me! I also REALLY like just a tub of ice. I think it goes back to my water addiction - but you can throw me a butter-tub shaped ice cube any day! Yippy!

Here I am with my Kong-sicle:

More later - it's kong time!
Love and Licks,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's up with me!

I've been quiet this week, but for good reason! I have tonsillitis and pharyngitis! Huh?!?

So, remember my sore jaw from last weekend? Well it didn't get any better by Monday. So, we went back to the vet. Talk about freaking Mom out! That vet thought that I had some disease that was going to make me lose function of my jaw! How is a lab supposed to eat?!?! I was kinda freaking out at the thought of that myself! They wanted to make me take a good long nap and take samples of my brain! (well, technically, Mom says they were going to take samples of the muscles on top of my skull - but my brain is there! What if they slipped?? Yikes!) They were all sorts of panicked about this! I, of course, was cool and collected. I'm not one to freak out at the littlest thing (of course, no one told ME about losing all jaw function...)

Mom called Guide Dogs and they decided I needed to come down there for a visit with Doc. He rocks! I love that guy! Doc was so nice not to force my jaw open (like the other vets did!) He didn't ask me to really do anything that I didn't want to do (except get on the scale - I was kinda scared they were gonna take some of my kibble away! Luckily, I'm a svelte 49 pounds still).

Doc said they were gonna take my blood for some tests. Laura, Doc's helper, took me back. Well, more accurately, *I* took her back - she just held on for dear life! Hey, what can I say?? There was exciting stuff going on back there! So, I went running! Whoops!

But Mom never came back with me. That was kinda strange, but everyone was SO nice that I didn't even care! Then... oh then... good things happened!! I LOVE happy juice!! They gave me some in my veins and it made me feel all funny - then a little sleepy.

When I woke up, they said I was such a silly dog! They told me that I had little bitty pieces of my Nylabones sitting behind my tonsils that were causing all sorts of trouble. I tried to tell them that I was just saving some for later, in case I got bored, but they didn't go for it.

Wanna know what's really cool??? You can check out my pieces of Nylabone at Fun Day!! They will be on display! Isn't that cool?!? I'm so proud of my little Nyla shards!

But, those pieces got in there and caused all sorts of havoc. They made my throat hurt SO bad that I didn't want to move my jaw (unless kibble was involved!)

Now I'm on the mend! With a little help from Clavomox and Rimidyl, I'm hoping to be good as new soon! Yippy!

Love and Licks,

PS Don't forget to check out my shards at Fun Day!