Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vacation Recap - Part 2

We were heading home this day, but we needed to get some good relaxin' in before our long car ride home. Simba chose the ugly pink chair.

Yogi (AKA Mr. Kitty) decided to curl up in the blankets hanging off a bed mid re-sheeting.

But I went big. Gram has a great chair that she likes to hang out in on the deck. She puts up the umbrella and reads a book. I'm more of a typer than a reader, so I went bookless. Yep, this looks like it will do.

Excuse me while I make myself more comfy!

This is a little better, but it doesn't seem to be as relaxing as Gram thinks it is. Wait - I know what I can try!

Yeah! Now that is good! But wait - do you think you could be a gem and get me a drink and some eye protection??

Pretty please??

Now that is MUCH better!

Now this is the life! Can I stay on vacation please??

Uh oh! I heard about this happening - I think I had one too many! Time to get back to real life!

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Recap Part 1

Now that I am mostly recovered from my vaca, I can share all my adventures. I say "almost" recovered because my feet are still sore! I decided that this one rock REALLY needed to get out of the water. But it was stuck under the sand! So, I tried to rescue it by digging it out. I tried and tried and tried! But, it didn't work! But, it did flatten out the pads on my front feet! They are now smooth, shiny and a bit ouchy when I first get up.

We did all sorts of stuff while we were away. The main goal was to relax and enjoy the area. Mom grew up with the beach house in her family, but Dad has never had the chance to spend more than a weekend there. So, Mom showed him all sorts of different stuff there. The best part was going to the beach to play, but there was other stuff going on at the beach too! Up the coast, near San Simeon, there are all these giant blobs on the sand! It's crazy!! Mom said they were Elephant Seals. They were ginormous! And Mom says they were all the kids! The Dad can weigh as much as 71 mes! That's 4000 pounds! Yikes! I wouldn't want to get tto close to them!

Our on way back from there, we went to this place called Hearst Castle. I'm not sure what a castle is, but I assume it means HOT! It was hot as Dad's BBQ! We walked around the exterior of the building on our tour, looking at the gardens (Yup, those 2-foots are geniuses choosing the Garden Tour when it is 105 outside!) We got to go through some rooms and hid in the shade a lot. I was SUPER bummed when we visited the pool. It was crazy big and looked SO refreshing! I tried to get under the fence for a dip, but Mom caught me and pulled me back! Bummer!

We also spent lots of time on the beach. We walked on the pier and played in the water:

My grandma an Lester came to visit while we were there too!

It was a good time!

We also went shopping in town. There are lots of little shops that were WAY boring!! But, there was one that was REALLY cool!! Not only did it have some cute cups with dogs on them that Mom bought, but it had the greatest name!

Now that is one shop that I must go back to!
After all that running around, I was a sleepy pup! So, I made sure to spend lots of time sunning myself out on the deck too. Now that is relaxing!

More to come!
Love and Licks,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hiking at Sea Ranch with Accord

Though we didn't actually go to the beach, we did get to go for a hike in the forest! Accord, Dad, Mom and I went together. First, we had to get past these guys - a whole lotta turkeys! It was crazy!

Once we got passed the turkeys, we were able to walk. Accord and I tried our best to tangle Mom and Dad up with our flexi leashes, but they have fast feet and were able to keep up with our antics.

Lots of fun! At least until the pictures started... Then we had to sit still and look cute!

Finally, we said "OK! DONE NOW!" and started sniffing everything thing we could!

Since it was getting dark, we stopped at the fork in the trail where we may have gotten confused coming home. Who knows when people at the house would have come looking for us! We could have been stuck in the woods forever! And it gets kinda scary out there with all those wild animals (totally different than the wild animal Mom says I am!)

It was a ton of fun! I can't wait to do it again!

Love and Licks,

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Accord and I in Sea Ranch - Cabin Living

Ok, I finally have some downtime on my vacation to update my blog about my last vacation (I've been a very busy girl since I came home from being in season! Makes me wonder what I missed!)
Much of the weekend was about relaxing! This window seat was Mom's favorite place to hang out. Curled up to read and chat with the family with a Me at her feet!
This is what Mom saw from the window seat

Dad's favorite spot was outside on the deck. It was a giant water bowl! But, the water was bubbly and hot and stinkin! Mom said it was chlorine, but I thought it was stinky! I didn't even want to drink the water! And with my drinkin' problem, that's amazing! I approached it very carefully at first.
Ewww!! Stinky!
So Accord and I just hung out by the hot tub instead. Jenn came out to hang with us too.

Accord and I played some games too - our favorite was Want the Toy The Other One Has! Good game! But kinda tiring! But, it always left me with a smile!

Then it was back inside for a nap! All that playing makes us tired! I caught Accord taking a nap!

Hey! That's my old Nylabone! *sigh* since I can't have them, they went to live with Accord. At least my Goughnut came too.

Stay turned! More pics to come!
Love and Licks,

Friday, September 4, 2009


SO, my problem has returned! I have always loved water, but this was AMAZING! After a long while of playing in the ocean and watching some seals bounce around the waves, it was time to go home. Before we headed to the car, Dad wanted to rinse off his feet. But, I thought this was more fun!

So, now I need to get back with my program! 4 paws system, one paw and one day at a time (unless we go back to that beach today... then the system is back on hold!)

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Shards!

Some of you may remember when I got sick a while back. At Fun Day, Mom and Dad went to visit my friends in the vet clinic. They heard that there was something on display that they would want to see - my shards!! They were REALLY hard to see because they are REALLY small! The vet clinic sent them home with Mom and Dad so I can keep my adversaries forever. yippy.

Mom showed them to my vet at home and she was amazed that they caused such a problem and that they were found (Doc ROCKS!!)

Here they are - circled in red so you can actually find them! Mom's fingers are there to help you tell how big they are.

Little bitty things that caused lots of problems! Youch!

Love and Licks,