Sunday, April 26, 2009

Butter and Eggs, but still hungry!

Another busy weekend is coming to an end. I love weekends! Mom and Dad think they are more relaxing than work days, but I think they are way more fun with much more going!

Saturday, we went to Butter and Egg Days in our town. I'm not real sure what it was all about, but I didn't get to taste any butter or any eggs. How can I come away from a celebration of such things hungry??

We started at the Cutest Chick Contest. Mom's company puts it on, so she had to work. Dad and I got to man the line and make sure all the contestants were lined up in order. Since I watched them all go by, I KNOW I could have beaten the tail feathers off the competition! I'm WAY cuter than they were! Whatever.

Then, it was on to the parade! There's nothing like a good parade! Though, this was my first parade, so maybe others aren't so fabulous. First, I took a little snooze to refresh myself for the show.

Then I was up and ready for the parade! Most people will show you pictures from the people view, but who wants to see that! This is what I saw at the parade:

Then, a guy that I recognize came by on a tractor! That's Mom's boss and the float that had our Cutest Chick Contest winners on it - some of my work friends too!

After that, I gave up on my quest to be a great parade goer. The kid next to me was asleep, so I decided to follow his lead. Yes... the inside of my eyelids were a great parade view! I was tuckered!

Before we headed home, we went to see if Cabana was there. She wasn't so I sat at her booth for a minute, looking cute for her. Every booth needs a yellow lab, right??

Today we went to church like we always do. I'm liking it better now that I am being trusted to behave more. I can sit and be good and get pets when people ask. It's great! I even got to help be a greeter today. I sit and look cute while Mom and Dad write name tags. Then it was home to help with yard work. Dad mowed and Mom painted. I just wandered around looking cute!

After a while, someone stopped by. It was a friend of mine! Berlin is here to stay with us for the week! I'm so excited! No one told me that I had a visitor coming! I can't wait to play with her and tell you all about it.

Now - it's time for dinner!
Love and licks,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making new friends

I may have found myself a boyfriend! He is super cute! Yesterday, Mom and I were on our lunchtime walk and the guy who lives with the chocolate labs down the street invited us to come meet his dogs. Mom's been drooling over the young one since she started seeing him our walking in the mornings. She says he's a tank of a boy and she really wants to squish him.

So, we went back and met Ed. What a dreamy guy!! I think I am in love! He's super sweet and very well behaved. Mom even likes him! I know how important it is to bring home a boy mom likes!

His big sister Lil Debbie is nice too. But she's no Ed!

There is only one problem with my new buddy. He's from show stock, which is why he is so hunky. We are both intact, so we won't get to play much longer. He's a 6 month old boy and I am a 7 month old girl (robbing the cradle!) Mom says we will have to be careful since those boys boys are walking hormones... Oh well! I guess I will have to find myself another boyfriend.

Love and Licks,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need new toys!

It's been a busy week. After an exhausting weekend, I had to go grocery shopping, visit my friends at puppy group on Tuesday, go to the pet store on Wednesday and I've been on the go ALL weekend! Mom had a meeting at Guide Dogs on Saturday. I have to tell you, it was pretty boring for me. I had to sit and be good. Not a problem really - but it was a room FULL of other puppies!! And, the brat next to me kept getting me in trouble. I know he is a baby, but he kept wagging at me and poking me with his paw and just generally enticing me to play. How fair was that?!? Then, the dog on the other side of me took my GoughNut! Ummm... hello?!?! Does it really matter that I was chewing on a Nylabone? That is still MY toy!

After the meeting, Mom and I went to help Stacy and LaniJo. Really, that was an excuse. Mom wanted to visit with Stacy, and helped Stacy run some errands after they chatted for-EVER! Good thing I was sleepy! LaniJo is Stacy's working guide. I wish I could have chatted with her more, but some of us have to sit under the table and be good while mom's do all the chatting. How fair is that?!?!

So, Mom and Stacy took LaniJo and I to Petco, where the shopped for Chihuahua toys. How on earth does that make sense?!?! Two labs there with them and they buy Chihuahua toys?? These people are crazy! Mom was going to get me a giant Kong. But, I almost had to pick her up off the floor after she saw the price.

Now, she's shopping online! They are way way cheaper there. Think I can convince her to get me two?? She's trying a new blue kong that is supposed to be uber-tough (tougher than the black ones... which Accord could chew through in about 5 minutes flat) She's also looking at Zoom Grooms for me - I'm now sure what that is, but she's talking about puppy massage... I think I will like it! Now, what else should I convince her to get me??

Better go surf the web while I can!

Love and Licks,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Go To Bed!

People that know me will tell you that I am always learning something new. Some days, I think Mom has lost it when she is trying to teach me some of this stuff. And some days, I just want to tell her to go jump off a bridge – really?? Down?? I don’t wanna! Run! Jump! Play! Those are things that I want to do!

But, Mom brought out something new that has me intrigued. Mom put the wooly mat on the floor, then just sits back and watches what I do. I know she has treats with her. I know she is waiting for me to do something. But, what??

I'm thinking... thinking... the mat is on the floor. Mom is standing stalk still, not touching the treat pouch. How can I get her to give me something?? What if I step on it? Yea!! That got me a "Nice!" and kibble. So, if I step off, will I get more?? Nope - that didn't work. Mom? What are you wanting from me? Yes! That got me another!

My front feet? Will that get me kibble?? Yes! More kibble! Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Will 4 feet on get me more?? Yup!! 4 feet scores!
Maybe 4 feet and a head tilt?? That worked too!! Now what should I try?? How about a sit on the mat?? What will that get me??
Fabulous!! That got me a jackpot!! That was fun!!

Tummy full, so I must be all trained for now, right?? I can't wait for the mat to come out again so we can learn some more. Heck - I can't wait for Mom to pull out the bait bag again!

Love and Licks,

I like food - give me more and give it fast!

I don't fully understand it, but there are many steps to eating at my house. First, I have to sit and be good. It's hard ya know - with my food sitting right there in front of me. It's all I can do to control myself.

Next, I have to down. Ugh! Why am I downing while I should be eating?!?! I really makes zero sense to me. Do thee people have any common sense?? So, it's down I go... until I am told to sit again. Are you kidding me?!?! That's what happens. Really! Talk about injustice!

But, what happens then?? It's a fabulous moment when I hear there glorious work! It's the greatest two moments of my day - "OK!" Yes! I'm off!
Food! Yum! I love love love to eat! Unfortunately, the moment doesn't last long. They really need to fill that bowl more so that it lasts longer! *sigh* oh well.

Love and Licks,

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love weekends!

So, as promised, I am back with pictures from my weekend. I discovered that weekends are way more fun that the rest of the week! We get to do all sorts of different stuff! We go places other than work and boring stores!

Last weekend, I got to make Mom and Dad way proud of me! I was such a good girl! It was really really hard to be so good! I know I am cute and all, but some days, I have a really hard time doing all the things that are expected of me (and there are SO many of them!)

On Saturday, my friend Tara and I visited kids at a city wide Easter Egg Hunt! That was so much fun, but I had to be on my bestest behavior!! All those little fingers and faces were soooo tempting to kiss! But, I did it! I was good!
Here I am with Tara

I know it doesn't look like we are being that good - but it had been a long day and no one got the cameras out until late! Silly people! Then, it was nap time in the car! After the Easter Egg hunt, we got to go back to Benicia to visit Dad's parents. I got a much needed nap in there! I was SOOO tired!!

On Sunday, we went to the Bodega Bay Fishermen's Festival. That was another time of being good, but I did it! And my friend Cabana was there too! Man, all I want to do is run with that girl! She looks like fun! But, we had to be on our best behavior. While we were there a giant came by! She was a dog, but it was like she was on stilts or something! She was SOOOO tall!! Mom said that she is a Great Dane. I don't know for sure, but I think she may belong at the top of Jack's bean stalk, rather than down here! The pictures of Cabana and I here aren't great (shhh! We didn't sit still very long! Ha!) and the sun was bright. But, here we are at our booth:

Cabana and Poppy

So, that was last weekend! I hear I have lots in store for me next weekend too! Including playing with some Goldens!! Woo hoo!!! More exciting tails to come!

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Day. Another Dollar.

It has been one exciting day!! As you know, I think work with Mom is quite boring. There is not much to do when we are not out for a walk at lunch time. I get to watch people come and go, but that crate really stinks. I like when Mom comes out of the "Bio-secure" area and can visit with me, but I get that she can't always do that.

Our normal morning routine was different this morning! Normally, Dad takes me out to do my business while Mom is in the shower. Then, its back in the crate while she finishes up and he heads off to work. Then we get play time and breakfast. But, today! What a day! Dad came and got me like normal. We went outside and I did all my business. I was on my way back to my crate, but Dad stopped at the food bowls. Oh Glory!! Did he really just get my food bowls out a whole 20 minutes earlier than normal!??! Woo Hoo!!

And that was just the beginning! Breakfast came early and I never went back in my crate. Mom came out and said good bye and DAD took me with him! Are you kidding me?!?! What's going on?? We had a really long drive (but that's ok, because I like to nap in the car - or chew the strap off the umbrella. That's what I did this morning! Oops! They didn't even know it was there!) Then I went to to my Dad's office! Wow! That was so cool! He put me on tie-down at his desk and I got to be out ALL day long!! I got to meet his co-workers and it was way fun! I did a little napping, but it was so exciting to be out of the crate that I mostly looked around all day.

It was a good day! And guess what - I hear I get to do it again tomorrow! Woo hoo!! I also heard that Dad's boss is bringing his dog in to the office tomorrow too (cause they sometimes come, but they wanted me to settle in before the whole gang shows up).

Now, it's time to play! Yippy!

Love and Licks,

PS I promise to post pictures and tell you about my exciting weekend tomorrow. I've been way busy this week!

Friday, April 3, 2009

They say I've gotta drinkin' problem

The weekend is here! Yippy!! That means 2 whole days with only a little crate time! Woo Hoo! And, next week I will get to go to work with my Dad some too! That will be way more fun than work with Mom!

But...back on topic. Mom has informed me that I have a drinking problem. I know I am young to have started, but it is just so addicting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is almost as good as kibble. And the way it makes me feel... There's just nothing like it! I'm in heaven. But, the feeling doesn't last. So, I have to take another drink. Some times it makes me silly. Sometimes, it doesn't seem to phase me at all. I want to feel it all the time. I just don't know how to stop.

Mom says she is going to create a 4-paw system and start a DA support group. Drooler's Anonymous will meet weekly. Somehow, the program will teach me not to thrust my whole muzzle into a water bowl when I want a drink. It will teach how I can live with dry whiskers. And, most of all, there will be tools to teach me how to close my mouth after taking a big gulp, rather than letting it all drool out, covering whatever surface I am near. I will be a better dog for conquering my addiction. I know it.

But, I have to admit... I will miss seeing Mom jump and squeal when I drop a big mouth full of water into her lap!

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Dog House

So, I think they changed my name to Bad dog today. It actually started yesterday. Mom and I met up with Dad for some pre-sales tax increase shopping. You would have thought that they would have shared a little love with me, but they bought me nothin! After being good all day at work, not eating butterflies on my walk and being good on our outing, I was all gooded out by the time we got home. Mom said I was chaos in fur, whatever that means.

Today, I have decided that I want to play keep away. It's a good game, right?? Running. Dodging. Zigging. Zagging. It's fun for all! I can't even list here all the times I have tried it since we got home from work today. Now I'm stuck. Dragline or tie-down are my current options. Mom asked me who changed my name to Bad Dog today. No one notified me - I thought I was still Poppy (hence my blog not changing names to Tails of Bad Dog). Maybe I should think twice about my desire to play keep away...

The one silver lining to this is that there is someone in our house who is in even bigger trouble than me. Mr. Yogi Kitty's name has been changed too. But, Mom says I am too young to call him by his new name. He keeps doing his business on my dog beds! Well, one is Accord's - I haven't slept on that one yet! Peed all over it while we were gone yesterday. When Mom went in to the bedroom, Mr @#$%^&* Kitty came running - we thought to say hi. But no, he jumped up on that dog bed and started scratching like he was in the litter box! Then, Mom noticed that the bed was wet. She about shot him then, but she doesn't keep rubberbands around the house. Today, what did I find on my livingroom dog bed??? Not kitty pee! Kitty poo on my bed! EWWWWW! Mom told him that if he does it again, she is going to BBQ him. Then she decided that she can't BBQ until he catches the mouse that has come to visit. So - the first bussiness on a dog bed after the mouse is gone and Mr @#$%^&* Kitty is gettin grilled! Or maybe fed to the blackbirds that live in our bushes and like to attack people.

Time to go out and play!
Love and Licks,