Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Dog House

So, I think they changed my name to Bad dog today. It actually started yesterday. Mom and I met up with Dad for some pre-sales tax increase shopping. You would have thought that they would have shared a little love with me, but they bought me nothin! After being good all day at work, not eating butterflies on my walk and being good on our outing, I was all gooded out by the time we got home. Mom said I was chaos in fur, whatever that means.

Today, I have decided that I want to play keep away. It's a good game, right?? Running. Dodging. Zigging. Zagging. It's fun for all! I can't even list here all the times I have tried it since we got home from work today. Now I'm stuck. Dragline or tie-down are my current options. Mom asked me who changed my name to Bad Dog today. No one notified me - I thought I was still Poppy (hence my blog not changing names to Tails of Bad Dog). Maybe I should think twice about my desire to play keep away...

The one silver lining to this is that there is someone in our house who is in even bigger trouble than me. Mr. Yogi Kitty's name has been changed too. But, Mom says I am too young to call him by his new name. He keeps doing his business on my dog beds! Well, one is Accord's - I haven't slept on that one yet! Peed all over it while we were gone yesterday. When Mom went in to the bedroom, Mr @#$%^&* Kitty came running - we thought to say hi. But no, he jumped up on that dog bed and started scratching like he was in the litter box! Then, Mom noticed that the bed was wet. She about shot him then, but she doesn't keep rubberbands around the house. Today, what did I find on my livingroom dog bed??? Not kitty pee! Kitty poo on my bed! EWWWWW! Mom told him that if he does it again, she is going to BBQ him. Then she decided that she can't BBQ until he catches the mouse that has come to visit. So - the first bussiness on a dog bed after the mouse is gone and Mr @#$%^&* Kitty is gettin grilled! Or maybe fed to the blackbirds that live in our bushes and like to attack people.

Time to go out and play!
Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Poor mom and dad! That's a lot of #1 and #2 to clean up. Hope the kitties adjust soon!!