Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need new toys!

It's been a busy week. After an exhausting weekend, I had to go grocery shopping, visit my friends at puppy group on Tuesday, go to the pet store on Wednesday and I've been on the go ALL weekend! Mom had a meeting at Guide Dogs on Saturday. I have to tell you, it was pretty boring for me. I had to sit and be good. Not a problem really - but it was a room FULL of other puppies!! And, the brat next to me kept getting me in trouble. I know he is a baby, but he kept wagging at me and poking me with his paw and just generally enticing me to play. How fair was that?!? Then, the dog on the other side of me took my GoughNut! Ummm... hello?!?! Does it really matter that I was chewing on a Nylabone? That is still MY toy!

After the meeting, Mom and I went to help Stacy and LaniJo. Really, that was an excuse. Mom wanted to visit with Stacy, and helped Stacy run some errands after they chatted for-EVER! Good thing I was sleepy! LaniJo is Stacy's working guide. I wish I could have chatted with her more, but some of us have to sit under the table and be good while mom's do all the chatting. How fair is that?!?!

So, Mom and Stacy took LaniJo and I to Petco, where the shopped for Chihuahua toys. How on earth does that make sense?!?! Two labs there with them and they buy Chihuahua toys?? These people are crazy! Mom was going to get me a giant Kong. But, I almost had to pick her up off the floor after she saw the price.

Now, she's shopping online! They are way way cheaper there. Think I can convince her to get me two?? She's trying a new blue kong that is supposed to be uber-tough (tougher than the black ones... which Accord could chew through in about 5 minutes flat) She's also looking at Zoom Grooms for me - I'm now sure what that is, but she's talking about puppy massage... I think I will like it! Now, what else should I convince her to get me??

Better go surf the web while I can!

Love and Licks,


Carrie and Waffle said...

two words for you kid...


yeah you can't go wrong with those, even if you have one, you can have twice the fun.

of course nylas come in all shapes and sizes, I am partial to the ring, and the galleo but my favorite are the dinos, Carrie got me two from amazon for 3.30 each.

but remember jolly ball - It so much fun I'm surpised GDB hasn't outlawed them.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I'm glad to hear there are other "problem" puppies that get their innocent neighbors into trouble. It seems like that's usually Cabana's job!

Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Kongs that are harder than blacks? Wow. Shopping online is great, especially compared to Petco. :S

Poppy The Puppy said...

Waffle, I love my Jolly Ball!! I like to grab to rope and throw my head around so that the ball bounces back and forth off my skull. I think 2 might give me a conussion!

Elizabeth, the blue kongs (not the baby puppy ones) are something Mom just heard about. They come from vet supply companies. We will see how good they are...