Monday, March 30, 2009

All Work and No Play...

I decided one thing today: Work is BORING!! I don't get to go into Mom's office with her because it is something called "Bio-secure" whatever that means! All I know is that it leaves me stuck in a crate. All. Day. People come and look at me and tell me I am cute. People come stick their fingers in my crate so I can lick them. People are crazy. These people think my name is "New Dog." Huh?? Who would name someone as cute as me "New Dog?" Like I said, people are crazy!

Know what else is crazy?? Butterflies! Sneaky little things too! Mom took me for a walk at lunch (the one highlight to going to work!) She kept snarking about these things called foxtails, "Poppy, don't touch those. Poppy, you can't sniff there. Poppy don't get those nasty things stuck in your fur..." I hope I don't ever get one stuck - she just may lose it! So, we go for our walk. There are some GIANT trucks that come down that street! If I were a lesser dog, it might even be scary! We visited some sheep and a lady who likes dogs. Mom says she hopes I get to meet the horses soon. If they are as noisy as the cows are at home, I think I'll skip meeting them. So we are walking along and there are butterflies all over the place. And ya know what they kept doing?? Hitting me in the HEAD! Three! That's right, THREE! That's how many butterflies hit me in the head while we went on our walk. I wasn't sure what to think of them. I let them go today. But, tomorrow, they better watch it!

Love and Licks,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's been a busy 24 hours! After playing in the kennel yesterday, these people came and picked me up. So, it was off we went to start my new life with my new 2-foot Mom and dad.
We made a couple stops - one was the best place ever! I LOVE going to the pet store! I got a new bag of food, a Romp-N-Roll and a Kong! Yea!

By the time we got home, it was my favorite time of day - Dinner Time!! It never lasts long enough though! I get SO excited about my food, then I blink and its gone! I always look at the bowl for a minute afterward, in case it decides to refill on me, but it never does. *sigh*

I got a great night's sleep and then we were off again! First, we went to church. Boy is that place confusing! First, you get lots of pets from kids (who won't share their cookies! *pout*) then you go sit down. Then, you stand up. Which means it is time to go, right?? Nope! You gotta stay still! Then you sit back down. People walk by and you can't sniff them. Then its time for a nap, but it's not a good one! Just when you get started on a good dream, the people wake you up! Twice I was chasing rabbits and once I must have had a food bowl in front of me - that's how hard my tail was wagging! But, just when I get to the good part, they shake me awake! How rude! Oh well, I know it is a good place, because Accord seems to have many friends who asked about him all day!

After that, we headed to some place called Benicia. It looked like a house to me, but that's what they called it. Dad's parents live there. It was so much fun to visit! I got to run and play in the yard (though, not until after I went potty! It's so hard to potty fast in front of new people! Until I went potty, I was stuck on my leash) I had a blast running around, chasing my Goughnut! That was fun, but the best part is that they are working on my recall so I got the "Come!" command lots! Why is that so great?? Because FOOD is involved!!! After a walk down First Street, we headed back home - for dinner again! Yum!

I'm settling in well. I'm having fun getting to know the kitties that live here and playing with the people. One last picture for today! This one is me (duh!) sitting at the end of First Steet.

What a day! I'm beat! I hear I get to go to the office with Mom tomorrow. That should be interesting - for everyone!
Love and Licks,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's the day!

After many long nights in the kennel, I get to go home today!! I am so excited! (Of course, I've been told that I am excited about everything life has to offer, but this is different!) I was born at Guide Dogs and spent a few months there, before going to my first home. I knew that I would come back to Guide Dogs for "college," but I didn't expect life to toss me back there so early! It's been fun, living in the kennels with so many friends, but at 6 months old, I am ready for a home to call my own! I'm going to have lots of rules and high expectations, but I think I can live up to it!

So, one more trip to community run for a romp with the other dogs, one more breakfast in the run. But, no more nights here! I've met my new family a couple times and I am excited to see what happens next! And, best of all, some of my old kennel friends will still be around! I will get to see Morrissey, my golden buddy, and some two-foot friends too.

I hear that I better put my cute face on, because many pictures will be taken in my new home. I'm ready!

Love and Licks,