Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poo! A Trip to the Vet

So, I'm going along, minding my own business on Friday. It was a good day. Went to work with Mom, went to Subway for lunch with the girls, came home to help in the garden. But, when I picked up a seedling and Dad tried to take it away from me I screamed bloody murder! Ouch! It hurt!! Mom wanted to investigate, but I didn't want anyone touching my face for a while! These people are crazy if they think I want them to do that again!

Mom fed me dinner - which, like any self-respecting Labrador, I inhaled without chewing. After dinner, Mom decided it was time to check out my owie again. So, the crazy woman tried to open my mouth! I SCREAMED even louder this time! OUCH! PLEASE STOP THAT!

After I calmed down, Mom started feeling the outside of my face all over. I wasn't thrilled with that either, but I was stoic and didn't cry like a little girl. I did not like her touching my jaw though. I tried to pick up my bone, but OUCH! That hurt! So, I cried and decided it was best to just watch some TV.

A little bit later, Mom started talking about my eye being swollen. She made Dad come look at it too. Ugh! These people really drive me nuts! By then, it was just about bed time, so Mom said she was going to give me some Benedryl and send me to bed. But my jaw hurt! Normally, you have to open your mouth real wide to take pills - but that wasn't going to work tonight. So, instead, I got 3 (yep! 3!!) of the tasty cherry flavored kids pills. I should hurt my jaw more often!

When we got up this morning, my eye was still a little swollen and my jaw still hurt. So, we had to go to the doggy doctor. I was such a good girl!! I sat and waited while Mom and I told the tech what what going on and while we waited for Dr Smith to come in.

I sat SO still while they looked at my jaw. I didn't want to scare Dr Smith though, so when she opened my mouth, I didn't scream like a baby! Not even when she tugged on it to see what I would do. Yea Me! Then, they started looking at my eye. First, she just looked in it. Then, she shined a light in it - that was kinda annoying! But, I was still good! After than, they put some drops in my eye. After a minute or so, I couldn't feel my eye! It was SO trippy! Then came the tweezers. Uh oh! But, I still couldn't feel my eye, so it didn't matter when she pulled up my 3rd eye lid to look underneath. Nothing there! Next, they turned my vision yellow! They wiped this tabby thing in my eye and left yellow stuff! Boy did the world look strange! Then came the funky light. Funky blue! Cool! It didn't show anything either - no scratches, no nothin!

So, they think maybe a bug bit me - or something like that. They sent me home and told Mom to give me more Benedryl - yum!!

But, then we got home... I started crying about my jaw again! I really didn't want to look like a big baby at the vet though! Mom called Dr Smith again and asked what to do. And you wanna know what she said... NO TOYS! None! Zippo! Zilch! Until Monday! How am I supposed to survive?!?! I LOVE my bones! I love my Jolly Ball! I love putting things in my mouth! But, all I get is mushy, squishy dog food. ugh. This stinks! See! I knew I shouldn't be a baby in front of Dr. Smith!

So... that's what I have to look forward to this week end. Ben dryl is kick ing in. Eye lids get heavy. Must close them.

L & L,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons Day 2

Lester and I had a chat last night about the giant water bowl. He told me that things (toys or people) in the water really worry him. That's why he keeps going in to get them out. He also told me that its not a giant water bowl - it's actually a pool. I don't know the difference - they both hold water that I can drink and splash in...

So today, I decided that I wasn't even going in the pool. But, playing out by the water and helping Lester rescue his toys from the water is fun. The people had breakfast out by the pool this morning, then hung out and let us dogs play while they relaxed. I only got in trouble once or twice for going to the mud puddle instead of the pool. So, Lester and I tag teamed again. Dad thinks Lester's worry about things in the pool is comical, so he kept throwing the stuff back in over and over.
Lester tried to just paddle stuff back to him some of the time. He would paw at the water and hope to pull the toy in to him. Some times, it worked. So, Dad and I decided to give his method a try - I even put my paw in all on my own. But don't get too excited - I wasn't putting any more than that one paw in!

Most of the time it did more to push the toy across the pool to the other side. But, that could be fun too! We would run to the other side to wait for it to come.

After all that running, it was time for a rest! I was pooped!

When it was time to go inside, I went to the place for wet dogs - it was ok again today because I was sleepy after all that fun! Nap Time!

Hope we get some more fun in before the long weekend is over and we are back to work!

Love and Licks,

Learning to swim - sorta! Day 1

Fresno is a fun place to be! After going to see a movie with the people, we all spent the afternoon by the giant water bowl. If you remember I have a drinking problem so, I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I carefully walked the edge of the water bowl to see what the people were doing in there. Really - who gets all the way in a water bowl??

Dad then picked me up and brought me in the pool. I did NOT like that! No matter how much of a "water dog" I am, I just don't think I want to put my whole body in the giant water bowl. So I swam right to the edge and got out!
But, Lester told me that it is way fun to be by the water bowl - but he hates it when people put stuff in there! People are so silly! They put all sorts of dog toys and big noodle things in the water bowl. Not sure what they want with them in there, but I think it is just weird. So, I helped Lester keep them out - He would go in and retrieve them, then I would run around with them in my mouth to keep them out of the water!

The people finally got out of the giant water bowl and dried off before heading inside. I was wiped out and went for a nap in my crate (now that it is kitty poo free, I am happy to go inside!)

Just remembering my day makes me need another nap!

Love and Licks,

Going for a Car Ride

On Friday, I went to work with Dad again - not my normal day, but I'm flexible! We were not there very long before we headed home. When we got home, Mom was already there and getting all sorts of bags on the porch. She even had my crate out there! While I ran around the yard, Mom and Dad loaded up my crate and their stuff in the car.

Then something odd happened. Mom went inside and got Mr. Yogi Kitty and put him in MY crate! Ummm..hello??? Why is there a cat in my crate?

I decided it didn't really matter - I like MK and I'm ok with him going where ever it is we are off to. OK guys, we are ready to go!
We rode for a long long time before I smelled something funny. I knew that Mom Dad had lunch in the car - but that wasn't what I was smelling. Then, I figured out what it was! MK! It's not nice to do that in my crate! So, I shoved my face between my crate and the back seat and put my icky face on, hoping that they would get the picture!

When that didn't work, I took a chance and hopped over the seat to try to get away.

Luckily, that got my point across! We stopped and I got to get out with Dad while Mom cleaned out the crate. That dumb ole cat had peed and pooed in my crate! Ewwww!! So, Mom took out the old towels, dumped the poo and put clean stuff in. Then, that darn cat pooed again! So, Mom had to start over. Luckily, that was the end and we were on our way.

When we stopped, we were in another town - Fresno. Didn't know why we were there (this was my first trip to Fresno, ya know - it's not like it is a destination city!) When we opened the door at the house, my grandparents were there! And Lester the dog! I was SO excited to see them!!

I had a ton of fun playing with Lester (and if he talks to you - don't listen to him! I was PLAYING! Not pestering! He's such a stick in the mud!)

So that was my exciting day - more pics to come!

Love and Licks,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs

On Monday, Mom and I ditched work early - it was great!! We went for a long drive into San Francisco. Mom was excited that she only had to make one call for directional help (she's SO directionally challenged! Lucky for her, the drivers at work are in SF every day!) So, we park and then I pooped (on command of course! But, Mom was pretty excited cause I generally HATE going in new places and she knew I had to go - and I did! With cars streaming by, I pooped in the gutter. Yea me!

So, we head in to the building and I see tons of dogs! There were little dogs and big dogs. Dogs with no clothes on and dogs in orange jackets like mine. I was a bit confused, but I settled in and watched the show.

There was a great big lab-looking dog (he was mixed with a Great Dane) named Stanley who was really cool. Here he is meeting Remy. Remy was a guide dog puppy like me. But, now she's a Hearing Dog in training. Go Remy!

While we were there, this dog got WAY excited to see Mom! I was all "Hey! That's my mom! Whatchu doin buddy??" But, then I realized that it was this Rebel that Mom keeps talking about! He was SUPER excited to be there. He was SO excited that he jumped up and scratched Mom's face. I was a little insulted that he did that to my Mom, but she seems OK with it. While the greeted each other and Mom met Rebel's new mom Meredith, I was a really good girl. I sat back and took it all in.

Then, the people sat down for a meal. I took a nap - but of course, Mom didn't take any pictures of ME sleeping - just a Rebel. Here he is, being good (and "SO handsome!" as Mom kept saying)

The place we were at is a culinary school - they went all out making it about us dogs! Here is what the people got for dessert - they all kept calling it precious and yummy at the same time. Talk about gushing! You'd think these people had never seen a paw print before! How come Mom doesn't gush like that when I track muddy paw prints into the house?? But these are ok huh??

Then it was time for the ceremony. Rebel put on his cap, and made his way up front. Again that "handsome" word help floating around... He's cute and all, but look at me! I'm adorable!

By then, I was tired of being dignified. So, I flipped over and begged for some belly rubs! Guess what! My tactics worked! You should that belly to a room full of dog people and they go nuts with the belly rubs! Talk about fantastic! I was in doogy heaven!

Sadly, we had to go back to work after that! But, really, it was ok because I was dog tired! I curled up for a nap in my crate. An hour later when it was time to go home, it was all Mom could do to wake me up and get me on my feet - cute feet that they are! It was time to head home and relax!

Love and Licks,

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Bath In Pictures

Hey! Spray that over here! Soap is yummy!

That's right, just a little on the tongue!

Hey Dad, I don't need to be clean if my tummy is full of soap! Bring that nozzle back!

OK, now what is this?? Kinda strange! Don't blow my ears off!

That feels funny on my face!

Hey ear! Come back! I told him not to blow you off!

OK! All clean! How do I look??

Now, how 'bout my chompers?? Do they get done today too??

Fine then. Leave me alone and I will clean them myself with my bone!

Love and Licks,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clean as Cabana!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies - and especially to mine! Both my 2-foot mom and my dog mom, Carlotta!

It's been quite the day! I have to tell you that I had so much fun emabarrassing mom and dad at church this morning! It was nap time for me, so I started to snooze. Then, I started to snore! When people started to notice, mom tried to wake me up, but all that got her was one loud, snorting, grunting snore! You should have heard the chuckles! It was great! I have to tell you though, that kid who "kissed" me by licking my face was a bit strange! That is NOT how people kiss!

After church, we headed to the dog wash for a bath. That was fun! I stood in a tub and had soapy water sprayed at me. I got zoom groomed and srayed again before getting out of the tub for a blow dry! Now, I'm as clean as Cabana! I didn't get fun naked timr though. We had to get in the car and head to Benicia.

We visited my dad's parents and went to a people restaurant. People are SO lucky that they can go places and get food! I don't get squat when we go out! Bummer!

Next up is finishing my costume and getting ready for graduation at the Hearing Dog Program. One of mom's old dogs decided to become a hearing dog rather than a guide. He's graduating tomorrw! The festivities will be exciting - a costume contest and my first trip to the big city! I'm a bit confused about the costumed contest though. Mom says I'm going to be a poppy. But, I already am a Poppy, so I don't see how it will be much of a costume! Guess I'll have to wait and see!

Love and Licks,

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a week!

It's been a really busy week! I've had my friend Berlin here visiting since Sunday. It's very hard to be a good hostess! (Especially when your guest tries to hump you from time to time!) Berlin and I hung out on on Monday while Mom and dad rearranged the kitchen - it was the strangest thing I have ever seen!

Tuesday, Berlin went to out puppy meeting with us. My friend Cabana took a picture of her. Mom says she's pretty cute - what do you think?

Berlin and I are great at playing well together - we even listen to "That's Enough!" when we are supposed to!

It's going to get even more exciting around here tomorrow! Mom's parents are coming to visit with their dog Lester. Lester is a 9 1/2 year old career changed golden. Should get interesting - especially since it's raining!

Love and Licks,