Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poo! A Trip to the Vet

So, I'm going along, minding my own business on Friday. It was a good day. Went to work with Mom, went to Subway for lunch with the girls, came home to help in the garden. But, when I picked up a seedling and Dad tried to take it away from me I screamed bloody murder! Ouch! It hurt!! Mom wanted to investigate, but I didn't want anyone touching my face for a while! These people are crazy if they think I want them to do that again!

Mom fed me dinner - which, like any self-respecting Labrador, I inhaled without chewing. After dinner, Mom decided it was time to check out my owie again. So, the crazy woman tried to open my mouth! I SCREAMED even louder this time! OUCH! PLEASE STOP THAT!

After I calmed down, Mom started feeling the outside of my face all over. I wasn't thrilled with that either, but I was stoic and didn't cry like a little girl. I did not like her touching my jaw though. I tried to pick up my bone, but OUCH! That hurt! So, I cried and decided it was best to just watch some TV.

A little bit later, Mom started talking about my eye being swollen. She made Dad come look at it too. Ugh! These people really drive me nuts! By then, it was just about bed time, so Mom said she was going to give me some Benedryl and send me to bed. But my jaw hurt! Normally, you have to open your mouth real wide to take pills - but that wasn't going to work tonight. So, instead, I got 3 (yep! 3!!) of the tasty cherry flavored kids pills. I should hurt my jaw more often!

When we got up this morning, my eye was still a little swollen and my jaw still hurt. So, we had to go to the doggy doctor. I was such a good girl!! I sat and waited while Mom and I told the tech what what going on and while we waited for Dr Smith to come in.

I sat SO still while they looked at my jaw. I didn't want to scare Dr Smith though, so when she opened my mouth, I didn't scream like a baby! Not even when she tugged on it to see what I would do. Yea Me! Then, they started looking at my eye. First, she just looked in it. Then, she shined a light in it - that was kinda annoying! But, I was still good! After than, they put some drops in my eye. After a minute or so, I couldn't feel my eye! It was SO trippy! Then came the tweezers. Uh oh! But, I still couldn't feel my eye, so it didn't matter when she pulled up my 3rd eye lid to look underneath. Nothing there! Next, they turned my vision yellow! They wiped this tabby thing in my eye and left yellow stuff! Boy did the world look strange! Then came the funky light. Funky blue! Cool! It didn't show anything either - no scratches, no nothin!

So, they think maybe a bug bit me - or something like that. They sent me home and told Mom to give me more Benedryl - yum!!

But, then we got home... I started crying about my jaw again! I really didn't want to look like a big baby at the vet though! Mom called Dr Smith again and asked what to do. And you wanna know what she said... NO TOYS! None! Zippo! Zilch! Until Monday! How am I supposed to survive?!?! I LOVE my bones! I love my Jolly Ball! I love putting things in my mouth! But, all I get is mushy, squishy dog food. ugh. This stinks! See! I knew I shouldn't be a baby in front of Dr. Smith!

So... that's what I have to look forward to this week end. Ben dryl is kick ing in. Eye lids get heavy. Must close them.

L & L,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Poor Pop-pop! Puffy eyes seem to be a problem in your household. Didn't Accord get quite a few of those? No toys all weekend is horrible. Hope you can find other ways to occupy yourself without getting in trouble!!

OSU 98 said...

Dear Poppy,

Last summer, I had a swollen lip too that my mom kept playing with. She did not know why I had a "fat lip" as she called it and was quite concerned...until the next day she got after me when I was chasing my fuzzy yellow and black friends buzzing around the deck, trying to eat them. Mom called me a "goofy dog" and told me not to eat the bees, she called them. Since then, mom has called an exterminator and now they drop dead all over our deck and gross mom out.

I hope you survive your week without toys and feel better.

Very Sincerely,

Chelsie Belle