Monday, May 11, 2009

My Bath In Pictures

Hey! Spray that over here! Soap is yummy!

That's right, just a little on the tongue!

Hey Dad, I don't need to be clean if my tummy is full of soap! Bring that nozzle back!

OK, now what is this?? Kinda strange! Don't blow my ears off!

That feels funny on my face!

Hey ear! Come back! I told him not to blow you off!

OK! All clean! How do I look??

Now, how 'bout my chompers?? Do they get done today too??

Fine then. Leave me alone and I will clean them myself with my bone!

Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

That's a fancy schmancy bath house! You get to live the high life, Poppy. Looking forward to seeing you fresh and fluffy coat tonight!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! Was Dad soaked when he got done? I would have been. Ask Mom is she remembers the dog wash with Harvard ( I think ) where we had to buy her a new, dry shirt to finish what we had planned to do? Poppy, you looked way little in the pic where Dad is drying you with the blower. I hope you had fun with Dad at work today.

Anna said...

So cute. Poppy you're one cute puppy.