Sunday, May 10, 2009

Clean as Cabana!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mommies - and especially to mine! Both my 2-foot mom and my dog mom, Carlotta!

It's been quite the day! I have to tell you that I had so much fun emabarrassing mom and dad at church this morning! It was nap time for me, so I started to snooze. Then, I started to snore! When people started to notice, mom tried to wake me up, but all that got her was one loud, snorting, grunting snore! You should have heard the chuckles! It was great! I have to tell you though, that kid who "kissed" me by licking my face was a bit strange! That is NOT how people kiss!

After church, we headed to the dog wash for a bath. That was fun! I stood in a tub and had soapy water sprayed at me. I got zoom groomed and srayed again before getting out of the tub for a blow dry! Now, I'm as clean as Cabana! I didn't get fun naked timr though. We had to get in the car and head to Benicia.

We visited my dad's parents and went to a people restaurant. People are SO lucky that they can go places and get food! I don't get squat when we go out! Bummer!

Next up is finishing my costume and getting ready for graduation at the Hearing Dog Program. One of mom's old dogs decided to become a hearing dog rather than a guide. He's graduating tomorrw! The festivities will be exciting - a costume contest and my first trip to the big city! I'm a bit confused about the costumed contest though. Mom says I'm going to be a poppy. But, I already am a Poppy, so I don't see how it will be much of a costume! Guess I'll have to wait and see!

Love and Licks,