Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graduation Pictures - Finally!

OK, I took a break from all things blog related for a week. Now we are back in gear and updating both Poppy's and Dagan's blogs this weekend!

Graduation was fabulous! LaVerne, Poppy's new partner, had to leave during graduation, so we met Friday for dinner. John and I were able see Poppy before we took off for dinner (Poppy was not allowed to leave campus without an instructor until after graduation). She was SO excited to see us! Though I had my camera with us, I was so focused on LaVerne and Poppy, I didn't take any pictures Friday night.

I'm not sure what it was, but this was the most relaxed, least chaotic graduation I have experienced! There were only 8 dogs graduating, so there were far fewer people than previous graduations I have participated in. Or maybe it was because we had met previously and I didn't feel like I had to squish 9 months worth of Poppy tales into an hour. Or maybe it was just our general pleasure with Poppy's placement. Whatever the reason, it was great day!

Poppy still loves to give kisses!
John sitting on the floor with Poppy in his lap, licking his face
And she is as cute as ever!
She looks fabulous in harness! And so grown up!
She enjoyed lots of posing (ok, maybe not enjoyed - but loved being touched and tolerated the posing)

After some time in the dorms, we went out for our formal pictures.
And, then for a walk over to the pond to enjoy the beautiful day and some pictures!
Then, Poppy said she had enough! I love this face, all squinty-eyes and tongue-y.

We are wishing LaVerne and Poppy all the best in the next adventures! Hoping that Pop is settling in well in Colorado and learning all there is to know about life in Arvada!