Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh Deer!

Deer standing in the back of our property
Another deer resting in the blackberry bushes

I've had some new friends come to visit lately. Mom and Dad won't let me go play with them, but they look really neat! I like to watch them out the windows.

Mom and Dad call them deer. They like to come in to my yard and hang out. They take naps and and eat from the blackberry bushes out there. Sometimes, Mom and Dad go out and make sure they aren't doing anything they shouldn't be doing (like leaving sick babies out there - it's happened before).

And let me tell you about the presents they leave! Every morning, when I go out to go potty, I look for the presents they leave me. I sniff out their smell tracks all around the yard and, sometimes, I hit the jackpot and find their treats! They look like these things people eat called raisins. But, Mom gets really upset when I eat them. So, I guess they are different. Whatever. I think they are tasty little morsels! Yum! Even if Mom thinks it is SO gross that they leave me presents!

I do have to wonder about the blackberry bushes though. Those things hurt when you step in them! Since I know that they hurt, I run real fast and jump real high when going over them! But, these deer settle down for a nap right in the middle. They must have thicker skin than I do!

Oh dear how I love my new friends!

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Angels

OK, this is totally out of order, but like they say, better late than never! A while back, Mom and Dad were talking about seeing these huge fast jets in the city. But, driving in to San Francisco when the Blue Angels are in town is a nightmare! Since we had places to be in the evening, we decided to go into Sausalito and find some lunch and wait for the jets.

We walked all over down town and visited some shops. It was cold and damp out, but we had a great day! When it was getting close to show time, we found a place to sit on the water and watch the show from across the bay.
Poppy sitting on a bench with John and his coffee

Dad got some Starbucks to help him keep warm. But that ground was cold on my back side! Yeesh! Talk about chills! So, I decided to sit where the people sit. Hanging out on the bench was a little better, but I was looking for more comfort.

Poppy sitting in Cassie's lap on the bench

Ahh! A Mom-lap. That's much much better! Thanks for keeping me warm Mom! As payment, I will keep you warm in return. Now let's watch the show!
4 jets in a tight formation

Across the bay, we could see them do all sorts of formations and flying in groups. They went all around the Golden Gate bridge - up and over all around! It was super hard to get a good picture because they fly SO fast!
2 jets on the fly over

The big jets flew right over us! They were super super loud! It was crazy! After the show it was time to go home. Lots to do, so the relaxing is done! One last picture for the road!
Poppy sitting with the water at her back and seagull sitting on a seal statue

Love and Licks,

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ring Around the Nosey

I LOVE my tug ring! It is SO much fun to tug! I love to pull pull pull people as far as I can get them. When the toy comes out, I sit and wait wait wait for someone to give me the OK to tug. I get ready. Get set. TUG!! SO much fun! I pull and tug and do all I can to get it away from whoever has it. I've been known to pull so hard people scoot across the floor. Then, the dreaded words come. "That's Enough!" and all the fun stops. It is a sad moment in my day. A real low point. I love to tug so much and it breaks my heart every time I have to stop. Mom and Dad are supposed to put my ring up when we are not playing tug. Sometimes they forget though and leave it out.

That's when I try to convince them to tug with me.
Poppy with her purple ring in her mouth, tilted up and her paw swiping at it
I pick it up and start to wave my feet around. The more I move, the more attention I get.
Pop with her head tilted back, ring in her mouth and swung up over her eyes
I fling it back and forth a little and try to get them to realize that I REALLY want to tug!

When that doesn't work, I give them this look, hoping that it will convince them to tug. I hope it will work! Who can say no to this face?!?

Poppy with her ring in her mouth, up over her eyes. Jowls stuck out on the ring, sad look in her eyes

Oh. Mom and Dad can. It just gets me another "That's Enough" and gets my dear ring taken away. So sad. I may have to figure out something new next time. Or maybe I'll just go pout.

Love and Licks,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Almost the end of the Ho Ho Ho!

OK, I have to tell you that, despite a few slip ups, I am such a good good girl! Those who knew me in my previous home would be shocked at me yesterday! Mom, Dad and I went for a long walk down this place called Christmas Tree Lane. I'm not sure why they call it Christmas Tree Lane - there weren't a whole lot of Christmas trees there! There were lots and lots of lights! Lighted houses and trees - lots and lots of lights!
Houses covered in thousands and thousands of Christmas lights. Clock tower, etc Lighted Christmas village with angels hanging in the background

The other kids got to hang out with Mickey, Minnie and Donald. There was too much mud and I wasn't tall enough to go be in the picture. So sad!
Mickey, Donald and Minnie hanging out with Emily, Kaitlyn, Ethan and Ember

There was even this giant furry guy! Mom tried to tell me what he is called, but couldn't say it right. If she can't say it, how the heck am I supposed to spell it!?!? I'm a dog, after all!
The big furry guy from the Rudolph movie

After we took our walk to look at the lights, the kids and their parents (Mom's friends from high school) came over to have some dessert (Mom's creations are NOT pictured in this blog. Any pictures on this page are my Papa's handy work. Mom wanted me to be sure to tell you all that!) The kids got to run around the house and look at all of Grammy and Papa's Christmas decorations. Pretty much every corner of their house sings, dances or makes noise of some sort. I was SO SO good! I ran with the kids and played tug with the kids. I was totally on my best behavior! Mom hovered, thinking that I might get a little out of hand (those kids were REALLY trying to wind me up - and they are really good at trying! It worked!) I had so much fun and I was super super good.

Mom said I had my moments yesterday. I tested my limits at times, but I can tell you I did NOT do this:
Red velvet cake with marshmallow icing. The whole cake slid over, so that the 3 tiers were all cock-eyed
Papa's frosting did that to the cake, not me! Mom's cake stood up and was so pretty! But, no one offered me any! I did sneak some of the powdered sugar off the floor from when Mom was making marshmallows. That may have been a little bad, but I didn't do a whole lot of other stuff that I wanted to do! Nor did I lock Brian in the pantry!
Brian peaking out from inside the folding doors to the pantry

I may have blocked him from getting out, but it wasn't me who put him in there!

Now that Christmas is done, I'm getting ready to head back home. But before I leave, I need a few more minutes with Lester's new bone.
Smiling Poppy with a white and orange Nylabone in her mouth

That's better!
Love and Licks,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meeting the Rebellious One

New friends are so much fun! One night, after going to work with Mom all day, we drove down to Dad's office. It was so cool! Mom had never been to Dad's office before! So much fun! Mom and Dad got in one car and headed off to another place. There were tons of people in the downtown area - some holiday thing going on. We took a walk and went to a place called a bar. I don't spend a lot of time in bars cause they are noisy and crowded. It was so strange! There were other dogs there!

They were wearing mostly orange, which is not normal for my friends. We are a green and leather bunch. Mom said that it was a Holiday Shindig for The Hearing Dog Program. That explained a lot - not only were they wearing orange, they weren't all retrievers! There was a Manchester Terrier, a French Bulldog and a few other types of dogs.

After a while, something exciting happened. Another lab walked in! Mom and Dad got excited that he was there. When they finally said his name, I figured it out! We were going to see Rebel! Rebel is a dog that Mom and Dad raised a while ago. He helped out with their wedding plans. He decided not to be a guide dog. He thought that Hearing Dog was much more his style of living.

He graduated back in May, though he's lived with Meredith for a long time. He is a fun guy! He's the only other yellow lab that Dad has had. Rebel and I hung out while the people chatted and enjoyed some wine to help raise money for the HDP.
Poppy with her ear flipped inside out, John and a smiling Rebel
Rebel and I posed with our Dad. They caught Rebel with his big smile, Dad with rosy-wine cheeks and me with dork-ear. Seriously, you couldn't have caught me at a better moment?!?
Poppy and Rebel
They tried to get us to pose for a picture together, but looking at the same thing at the same time was hard! There was so much going on!

3 yellow labs all lying together in a circle
There was a CCI puppy there too! She is super cute! We had fun being a pile of labradors. We all had a lot of fun visiting (and were still the best behaved dogs there - even when we were playing, we were the best. I know I shouldn't brag, but I'm just sayin')

After one last snuggle with Rebel (he make a great pillow), it was time to say good-bye and head home. I loved visiting with Rebel and hope we get to see him again soon!

Poppy using Rebel as a pillow

Love and Licks,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Santa,

Poppy in front of the tree with a Santa Hat flopped over her face
Dear Santa,
Thank you for listening to all my blog friends and ignoring the letter from my Mom. I have been a really good girl since the cookie incident. I have been careful to follow directions and do everything I have been asked. Thank you for changing my name back to Poppy. That makes me happy! And thanks for the Furminator! I am glad that people will no longer call me either T.D.D or Pigpen. I'm not sure why they called me Pigpen, but it seemed to have something to do with the tufts of fur that were like a halo around my body.

I haven't touched the tree or any of the ornaments! (Even though I do believe that the tree should be willing to share its water with me. It seems to me that tree water would be really tasty!)
Poppy curled up asleep under the tree

I have spent some time with Uncle Nutcracker. I'm not sure who or what he is, but Mom and Dad seem to enjoy him. They are strange.
Poppy sitting with the tree with Uncle Nutcracker (a bowling pin painted as some sort of Uncle Sam/Nut Cracker)

I even tried on one of your hats! Truthfully, I am not too fond of it! I'm not sure how you wear that hat all the time! I was very careful when I took it off though.
Poppy sitting with her Santa Hat on Poppy pawing her Santa hat off

I am being a good girl visiting my Grandparents. And I haven't even knocked over Brian once! Even I am amazed by that! He's 4 and doesn't move out of the way very fast. Sometimes, when I have a full butt-tuck on, I just can't stop in time.

So Thanks for bringing me presents! I will try to continue to be a good girl (and I definately won't eat any more cookies off the counter!)

Love and Licks,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sister Sister

OK, back to updating! This is the post I intended on publishing yesterday. But, while pictures were downloading, I decided I needed a little snack of some cookie dough. Bad move on my part! Yikes!

A while back, Mom, Dad and I went to a Fun Day in Sacramento. It was a great day! A bunch of my puppy buddies came (including Cabana!) My Auntie Sue, Uncle No Rules and Brian were there too! It was WAY fun! But, the best part of the day was when I got to see my long lost sister! Portola was there! It had been a really long time since we had been together! First, I sort of said hello (I'm in the green head collar. Portola is in the black one.) Then, I did what I always do - I showed her my belly! I do believe that my belly is my best feature. Therefor, I show it to anyone and everyone I can! It has freckles and is super cute!

We did finally sit up for a good picture. Aren't we cute?!? We don't look much alike. My ears are way cuter! Portola's raiser knows our Dogma. Carlotta was raised in the same house that Portola lives in now. Such a small world!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My new name - Santa's not comin' :(

Mom changed my name tonight. I wish that I could turn back time and do things over. I don't think it was really MY fault. How could I resist?? Mom was working on the Christmas cookies tonight. One batch was in the oven and another was on the counter. When Mom went out to check on the laundry, I decided to do some quality assurance. Someone needs to make sure they taste ok, right? Dad's gotta go to work in the middle of the night, so he's sleeping. That leaves me, right?? Just trying to help! I jumped up on the counter and tasted one. OH MY GOSH!! It was SO good that I tried another. And another and anotherandanother...

I think I got down 9 before the moment when my world changed.

I heard the door close, but things happened so fast, I just couldn't stop it! Mom walked in and saw my feet on the counter. Then she saw me hoovering up one last cookie. She said my name (or bellowed. Whatever.) and I froze. Uh oh. I knew it wasn't going to be good. I knew I was gonna get in trouble. I knew there was a chance that my life was over. I saw my entire puppy-hood flash before my eyes. I even saw my first raiser. I felt it. Mom grabbed my collar. I was SO stunned that I got caught that I hadn't even jumped down yet - either that, or Mom was so mad she was lightening fast!

I've worked on food refusal training.

I've done puppy push ups.

I've done long down stays.

I've done long sit stays.

I've ignored hairy cookie dough on the floor.

I've ignored hairy cookie dough placed on my foot.

I am now scared spitless of cookie dough.

Mom has changed my name to That Damn Dog. I liked Poppy better.

I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.

Mom emailed Santa and told him I was bad. I think my stocking will be empty this year. If I could turn back time, I wouldn't do that again. Do you think that Santa is like Judge Judy? Will he have some pity on me if I show remorse? (Cause I'm showing lots of it!) I am so sorry that I was bad! I will not do it again.

I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.

Can you please email Santa and let him know that I will never do that again?? Maybe if Santa's inbox is flooded with emails saying I am a good girl, he won't leave me a lump of coal. Or a nylabone that I can't chew.

Thanks for the help.

Love and Licks,
That Damn Dog

PS Could you ask Santa to at least give me my name back? I am much more Poppy-ish.

I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.
I will never counter surf again.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking a break!

I'm taking a break - already! I had such an exciting day yesterday! I just can't wait until I get through all the old stuff to tell you about it! So, I'm taking a break from recapping you about my adventures while I was taking a break.

After Dad and I hung out all day on Friday, we all went to visit my Aunt Susan, Uncle Andy, cousin Brian and dog cousin Granger. My grandparents and Lester came too! On Saturday we went to a place called Apple Hill. I don't know why they call it Apple Hill - I didn't see any apples there! I think it should be called Christmas Tree Hill. Cause that's what was there! And that's what we went shopping for! Who shops for a tree?!?! These people are crazy!

This is the one that Dad wanted. Mom and I had to talk some sense into him. Our ceilings are way up in the air at our house, but this was just too much!

Brian and I had an intense conversation about what kind of tree we each need. We decided that we like the short, squat, us-sized trees. This one seems just about perfect to us. For some reason, the adults didn't agree with us and kept looking for a different tree. They don't know what they are missing!

Then, we found one that will actually fit in the house! Dad decided to cut it down and bring put it in Papa's truck. Brian picked out a tree too. The trees got to ride together in Papa's truck.

After these crazy people cut down the tree, they wrapped it like a mummy! From there, it went in the truck! SOOOO strange!

After we loaded up the trees, it was time to head back to the house! We stopped for lunch. As usual, I got stuck under the table while all the people got to eat! It makes me SO jealous!! That place smelled really nummy! When we got home, it was time to do some playing and some napping. Uncle Andy and I played before I settled in for a nap.

I'm not sure what happened next. I settled in for a nap. I needed to rest after the day I'd had! I was dreaming away, oofing and running in my dreams. Then, I woke up. To this.

No one will tell me what happened, but I think I might be embarrassed to know. Perhaps I should just leave well enough alone and try to sleep lighter in the future.

Love and Licks,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Babies and Aztecs

A couple months ago, Mom, Dad and I went to GDB for the Blind Babies Foundation annual picnic. Mom didn't get any pictures of me playing with the babies, but there were many babies there and lots of little kids. I was SUPER good and Mom was way proud of me! She said I was fantastic! At one point, I laid down and let a whole bunch of kids pet me while we were in the kennel. I rolled over on my back and let them all do my favorite this - pet my belly! I had one kid holding my back paws, one kid playing with my front paws, one with my tail and 2 petting my belly! Heaven! People that knew me before coming home with Mom and Dad were AMAZED at how perfect I was! I've grown up a lot people!

There was also an Aztec dance ceremony. It was interesting, but I was kind bored. No one would let me join in!

I also met a new friend. This is Hercules. He is REALLY cool! It's a horse! Like I see at work! But, he is my size! And he's not a baby! It was SO crazy! He was super cool! His nose is super soft and lickable. Fun!

So that's another one of my many adventures! Come back soon and I will show you more! I'm off to another adventure in the mean time (I hear there is a train, Christmas trees and Santa involved! Woo hoo!)

Love and Licks,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holy Moley! It's been a LONG time!!

OK, I've become a blog slacker! How can I expect all my buds to know what is up with me if I am not updating my blog?!?! Crazy! I know! So, now that I am 14 months old, I am making a renewed effort to keep up with my blog.

I've been a busy girl since I last blogged! Maybe I will work my way back over the last couple months. A lot has happened and I have had a lot of fun!

Since today is Thanksgiving and I am 14 months old, I will tell you the 14 things I am most thankful for. I am very blessed in this life and I am so very thankful!

1. I am thankful for my Mom and Dad for taking me in and loving me (even if they do have a lot of rules)
2. I am thankful for my dog food bin. It is always full of my favorite stuff!
3. I am thankful that I am not becoming a big sister this weekend (we were supposed to get a puppy on Saturday, but I am glad to be an only dog for a while longer).
4. I am thankful for the treat pouch. It carries my favorite things everywhere I go!
5. I am thankful for the friends I will get to see this weekend - Accord, Lupe, Granger, Lester, Garth and maybe Rembrandt.
6. I am thankful for my food bowl. It cradles my kibble just perfectly and makes it so yummy!
7. I am thankful that Mom and Dad's work buddies love me and like to play with me.
8. I am thankful that those work buddies all know where the treat jars are.
9. I am thankful I have friends to go to puppy class with: Persia, Cabana, Tara, Cherish, Ginger and Tulani.
10. I am thankful that Celeste told Mom to give me a cookie in the evening if dinner will be late (my tummy doesn't like being empty!)
11. I am thankful for Doc, who took the nylashard out of my throat and all the doctors that have taken care of me.
12. I am thankful for my travel food bowl so I never go hungry when I'm away from home.
13. I am thankful to share my yard with lots of interesting creatures that give me lots of stuff to sniff when I get free time outside and I wish Mom would quit trying to run the deer off! (Deer poo is TASTY! Yum!)
14. I am thankful for my kongs that occassionally get stuffed with frozen kibbles to fill my tummy.

14 things! Hmmm... now I'm hungry! I think I will try to convince Dad that Mom hasn't fed me breakfast yet!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love and Licks,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vacation Recap - Part 2

We were heading home this day, but we needed to get some good relaxin' in before our long car ride home. Simba chose the ugly pink chair.

Yogi (AKA Mr. Kitty) decided to curl up in the blankets hanging off a bed mid re-sheeting.

But I went big. Gram has a great chair that she likes to hang out in on the deck. She puts up the umbrella and reads a book. I'm more of a typer than a reader, so I went bookless. Yep, this looks like it will do.

Excuse me while I make myself more comfy!

This is a little better, but it doesn't seem to be as relaxing as Gram thinks it is. Wait - I know what I can try!

Yeah! Now that is good! But wait - do you think you could be a gem and get me a drink and some eye protection??

Pretty please??

Now that is MUCH better!

Now this is the life! Can I stay on vacation please??

Uh oh! I heard about this happening - I think I had one too many! Time to get back to real life!

Love and Licks,