Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh Deer!

Deer standing in the back of our property
Another deer resting in the blackberry bushes

I've had some new friends come to visit lately. Mom and Dad won't let me go play with them, but they look really neat! I like to watch them out the windows.

Mom and Dad call them deer. They like to come in to my yard and hang out. They take naps and and eat from the blackberry bushes out there. Sometimes, Mom and Dad go out and make sure they aren't doing anything they shouldn't be doing (like leaving sick babies out there - it's happened before).

And let me tell you about the presents they leave! Every morning, when I go out to go potty, I look for the presents they leave me. I sniff out their smell tracks all around the yard and, sometimes, I hit the jackpot and find their treats! They look like these things people eat called raisins. But, Mom gets really upset when I eat them. So, I guess they are different. Whatever. I think they are tasty little morsels! Yum! Even if Mom thinks it is SO gross that they leave me presents!

I do have to wonder about the blackberry bushes though. Those things hurt when you step in them! Since I know that they hurt, I run real fast and jump real high when going over them! But, these deer settle down for a nap right in the middle. They must have thicker skin than I do!

Oh dear how I love my new friends!

Love and Licks,


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Yummy, Cabana dearly loves deer doodads, too! And of course, kitty bon-bons.

But the other day, Cabana accidentally ate one of her own "treats". Yuck. I hadn't cleaned up after her from the night before, and she found a little roundie. I wasn't sure if she had really picked it up because she usually doesn't eat her own fecal matter.

When we came inside a minute later, she had this funny look on her face. Then, plop, she spit the roundie onto the floor, and then I knew for sure. I think she was as grossed out as I was!! I guess to Cabana, eating cat and deer poop is acceptable. But eating your own? Blecchh!

Lauren and Don said...

I love to watch the deer! They are so so so interesting. I am very friendly to the deer- I sit and wag my tail when I see them on my walks. But I don't think the deer like me :( They always run away. Then I try to chase them! I pull and pull at my leash, but my trainer doesn't like that. She makes me practice obedience. By the time she lets us continue our walk, the deer are gone! And I've lost my chance to make friends :( sigh...

I have never tried deer droppings, but I do eat rabbit droppings. I love helping my trainer clean up after the rabbit! I have tried to make friends with the rabbit too, but she doesn't like me either.


Poppy The Puppy said...

Don, the deer don't like me much either - and they live at MY house! Quite rude they are! And I can't even tell you how often Mom has to yell in the car when they try to jump in with us! If you get a chance, try the deer goodies. Tasty! Yum! Maybe I'll look for some on my next trip out! I like to get some labby loops in before I my big girl business. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to find the goodies!

Cabana - that's gross! My cousin Lester likes to eat my poo - but he doesn't like if it touches the ground first! It makes pooping with him around quite the experience! I'm trying to get rid of something and all of a sudden there is a torpedo rushing me to eat it before it hits the ground. He's such a dork!