Sunday, December 27, 2009

Almost the end of the Ho Ho Ho!

OK, I have to tell you that, despite a few slip ups, I am such a good good girl! Those who knew me in my previous home would be shocked at me yesterday! Mom, Dad and I went for a long walk down this place called Christmas Tree Lane. I'm not sure why they call it Christmas Tree Lane - there weren't a whole lot of Christmas trees there! There were lots and lots of lights! Lighted houses and trees - lots and lots of lights!
Houses covered in thousands and thousands of Christmas lights. Clock tower, etc Lighted Christmas village with angels hanging in the background

The other kids got to hang out with Mickey, Minnie and Donald. There was too much mud and I wasn't tall enough to go be in the picture. So sad!
Mickey, Donald and Minnie hanging out with Emily, Kaitlyn, Ethan and Ember

There was even this giant furry guy! Mom tried to tell me what he is called, but couldn't say it right. If she can't say it, how the heck am I supposed to spell it!?!? I'm a dog, after all!
The big furry guy from the Rudolph movie

After we took our walk to look at the lights, the kids and their parents (Mom's friends from high school) came over to have some dessert (Mom's creations are NOT pictured in this blog. Any pictures on this page are my Papa's handy work. Mom wanted me to be sure to tell you all that!) The kids got to run around the house and look at all of Grammy and Papa's Christmas decorations. Pretty much every corner of their house sings, dances or makes noise of some sort. I was SO SO good! I ran with the kids and played tug with the kids. I was totally on my best behavior! Mom hovered, thinking that I might get a little out of hand (those kids were REALLY trying to wind me up - and they are really good at trying! It worked!) I had so much fun and I was super super good.

Mom said I had my moments yesterday. I tested my limits at times, but I can tell you I did NOT do this:
Red velvet cake with marshmallow icing. The whole cake slid over, so that the 3 tiers were all cock-eyed
Papa's frosting did that to the cake, not me! Mom's cake stood up and was so pretty! But, no one offered me any! I did sneak some of the powdered sugar off the floor from when Mom was making marshmallows. That may have been a little bad, but I didn't do a whole lot of other stuff that I wanted to do! Nor did I lock Brian in the pantry!
Brian peaking out from inside the folding doors to the pantry

I may have blocked him from getting out, but it wasn't me who put him in there!

Now that Christmas is done, I'm getting ready to head back home. But before I leave, I need a few more minutes with Lester's new bone.
Smiling Poppy with a white and orange Nylabone in her mouth

That's better!
Love and Licks,


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Those Christmas light photos are so good! Mine never turn out--how did you do it? Poor cake! I'm sure that must have been very disappointing for Dad!!

Poppy The Puppy said...

The light pictures are John's handy work. There were plenty that didn't turn out too! I think he was using the night setting on the camera. If not, it was on kids and pets, which is our usual setting.

Dad wasn't pleased with his cake, but we all had a great time teasing him about it!