Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meeting the Rebellious One

New friends are so much fun! One night, after going to work with Mom all day, we drove down to Dad's office. It was so cool! Mom had never been to Dad's office before! So much fun! Mom and Dad got in one car and headed off to another place. There were tons of people in the downtown area - some holiday thing going on. We took a walk and went to a place called a bar. I don't spend a lot of time in bars cause they are noisy and crowded. It was so strange! There were other dogs there!

They were wearing mostly orange, which is not normal for my friends. We are a green and leather bunch. Mom said that it was a Holiday Shindig for The Hearing Dog Program. That explained a lot - not only were they wearing orange, they weren't all retrievers! There was a Manchester Terrier, a French Bulldog and a few other types of dogs.

After a while, something exciting happened. Another lab walked in! Mom and Dad got excited that he was there. When they finally said his name, I figured it out! We were going to see Rebel! Rebel is a dog that Mom and Dad raised a while ago. He helped out with their wedding plans. He decided not to be a guide dog. He thought that Hearing Dog was much more his style of living.

He graduated back in May, though he's lived with Meredith for a long time. He is a fun guy! He's the only other yellow lab that Dad has had. Rebel and I hung out while the people chatted and enjoyed some wine to help raise money for the HDP.
Poppy with her ear flipped inside out, John and a smiling Rebel
Rebel and I posed with our Dad. They caught Rebel with his big smile, Dad with rosy-wine cheeks and me with dork-ear. Seriously, you couldn't have caught me at a better moment?!?
Poppy and Rebel
They tried to get us to pose for a picture together, but looking at the same thing at the same time was hard! There was so much going on!

3 yellow labs all lying together in a circle
There was a CCI puppy there too! She is super cute! We had fun being a pile of labradors. We all had a lot of fun visiting (and were still the best behaved dogs there - even when we were playing, we were the best. I know I shouldn't brag, but I'm just sayin')

After one last snuggle with Rebel (he make a great pillow), it was time to say good-bye and head home. I loved visiting with Rebel and hope we get to see him again soon!

Poppy using Rebel as a pillow

Love and Licks,


Ro said...

Interesting to know that hearing dogs wear orange. What do they do? What does a hearing dog do? Glad you had so much fun!

BTW, all the photos had descriptions, think you got the hang of it!

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

I'm so surprised--I always imagined Rebel as a black lab, not yellow. Funny! I guess I'm picturing Accord in my head.

Poppy The Puppy said...

Yeah Ro! Glad to know that the alt tags are working! Yeah me!

A hearing dog is alerting the person to certain sounds. Things like telephones ringing, their names being called, tea kettles, fire alarms, etc. All sorts of stuff! Their job is to get the person's attention when they hear the sounds. At home, it may mean going to get the person and bring them to the sound. Or just making them aware of the sound.

Our last two have been black and John wants another black. So, It's not hard to imagine that he might also be black! He actually looks a lot like Poppy in his face shape, etc. Baby pics are very similar!

Natalie said...

As a raiser of a Hearing Ear puppy, this was an awesome post to see!! It's amazing how many people dogs can help :)