Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Angels

OK, this is totally out of order, but like they say, better late than never! A while back, Mom and Dad were talking about seeing these huge fast jets in the city. But, driving in to San Francisco when the Blue Angels are in town is a nightmare! Since we had places to be in the evening, we decided to go into Sausalito and find some lunch and wait for the jets.

We walked all over down town and visited some shops. It was cold and damp out, but we had a great day! When it was getting close to show time, we found a place to sit on the water and watch the show from across the bay.
Poppy sitting on a bench with John and his coffee

Dad got some Starbucks to help him keep warm. But that ground was cold on my back side! Yeesh! Talk about chills! So, I decided to sit where the people sit. Hanging out on the bench was a little better, but I was looking for more comfort.

Poppy sitting in Cassie's lap on the bench

Ahh! A Mom-lap. That's much much better! Thanks for keeping me warm Mom! As payment, I will keep you warm in return. Now let's watch the show!
4 jets in a tight formation

Across the bay, we could see them do all sorts of formations and flying in groups. They went all around the Golden Gate bridge - up and over all around! It was super hard to get a good picture because they fly SO fast!
2 jets on the fly over

The big jets flew right over us! They were super super loud! It was crazy! After the show it was time to go home. Lots to do, so the relaxing is done! One last picture for the road!
Poppy sitting with the water at her back and seagull sitting on a seal statue

Love and Licks,


Ro said...

I love the Blue Angels!!! They used to come here every 2 years for the air show at the base, and I always went. sometimes it was the Thunderbirds, but it was usually the Blue Angels. Reading this, I could picture them flying. That's one thing I miss; seeing planes fly. I bet it's absolutely beautiful around the bridge!! Oh yeah, that reminds me, the last time I saw them, well one of the last times, I got some of the pilots to sign a poster. I had it hangine in my draw room when I was a phlebotomist, so the kids could look at it when I drew their blood ;)

Lauren and Don said...

Sounds like fun. I love the Blue Angels! We try to go every year, but usually get stuck in traffic or can't find a spot to park in SF. We were thinking about seeing them this year, but ended up staying home because we heard it was too foggy in SF to see the planes. Luckily, I got a glimpse of the Blue Angels while taking Don for a walk. I think we will have to try watching them from Sausalito next year.

Poppy The Puppy said...

Don, it was quite foggy for the big day! It rained a little too. But, it was fun in Sausalito! I won't be there next year, so if you run in to my Mom and Dad, tell them hi for me!