Monday, December 28, 2009

Ring Around the Nosey

I LOVE my tug ring! It is SO much fun to tug! I love to pull pull pull people as far as I can get them. When the toy comes out, I sit and wait wait wait for someone to give me the OK to tug. I get ready. Get set. TUG!! SO much fun! I pull and tug and do all I can to get it away from whoever has it. I've been known to pull so hard people scoot across the floor. Then, the dreaded words come. "That's Enough!" and all the fun stops. It is a sad moment in my day. A real low point. I love to tug so much and it breaks my heart every time I have to stop. Mom and Dad are supposed to put my ring up when we are not playing tug. Sometimes they forget though and leave it out.

That's when I try to convince them to tug with me.
Poppy with her purple ring in her mouth, tilted up and her paw swiping at it
I pick it up and start to wave my feet around. The more I move, the more attention I get.
Pop with her head tilted back, ring in her mouth and swung up over her eyes
I fling it back and forth a little and try to get them to realize that I REALLY want to tug!

When that doesn't work, I give them this look, hoping that it will convince them to tug. I hope it will work! Who can say no to this face?!?

Poppy with her ring in her mouth, up over her eyes. Jowls stuck out on the ring, sad look in her eyes

Oh. Mom and Dad can. It just gets me another "That's Enough" and gets my dear ring taken away. So sad. I may have to figure out something new next time. Or maybe I'll just go pout.

Love and Licks,


Anonymous said...

Poppy your mom takes some of the best pictures of you! :) You are a very pretty girl.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Cabana loves to tug, too. Why didn't you play that with her when you were over? You just wanted to play "Chew Each Others Jowls" instead!!

Poppy The Puppy said...

Oh Mimi! Tug is fun, but it can't compare to chewing on jowls! I can't do that with people! But, I can tug!

My Mom says thanks smilinshell11. Dad does a lot of our picture taking, but they turn out well because Mom fixes the setting ;)

Carrie and Waffle said...

Poppy you need to try jedi mind powers in combo with the puppy eyes. Try and find the weakest link in your family divide and conquer. that's what I say.