Saturday, November 28, 2009

Babies and Aztecs

A couple months ago, Mom, Dad and I went to GDB for the Blind Babies Foundation annual picnic. Mom didn't get any pictures of me playing with the babies, but there were many babies there and lots of little kids. I was SUPER good and Mom was way proud of me! She said I was fantastic! At one point, I laid down and let a whole bunch of kids pet me while we were in the kennel. I rolled over on my back and let them all do my favorite this - pet my belly! I had one kid holding my back paws, one kid playing with my front paws, one with my tail and 2 petting my belly! Heaven! People that knew me before coming home with Mom and Dad were AMAZED at how perfect I was! I've grown up a lot people!

There was also an Aztec dance ceremony. It was interesting, but I was kind bored. No one would let me join in!

I also met a new friend. This is Hercules. He is REALLY cool! It's a horse! Like I see at work! But, he is my size! And he's not a baby! It was SO crazy! He was super cool! His nose is super soft and lickable. Fun!

So that's another one of my many adventures! Come back soon and I will show you more! I'm off to another adventure in the mean time (I hear there is a train, Christmas trees and Santa involved! Woo hoo!)

Love and Licks,


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