Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hearing Dogs and Guide Dogs

On Monday, Mom and I ditched work early - it was great!! We went for a long drive into San Francisco. Mom was excited that she only had to make one call for directional help (she's SO directionally challenged! Lucky for her, the drivers at work are in SF every day!) So, we park and then I pooped (on command of course! But, Mom was pretty excited cause I generally HATE going in new places and she knew I had to go - and I did! With cars streaming by, I pooped in the gutter. Yea me!

So, we head in to the building and I see tons of dogs! There were little dogs and big dogs. Dogs with no clothes on and dogs in orange jackets like mine. I was a bit confused, but I settled in and watched the show.

There was a great big lab-looking dog (he was mixed with a Great Dane) named Stanley who was really cool. Here he is meeting Remy. Remy was a guide dog puppy like me. But, now she's a Hearing Dog in training. Go Remy!

While we were there, this dog got WAY excited to see Mom! I was all "Hey! That's my mom! Whatchu doin buddy??" But, then I realized that it was this Rebel that Mom keeps talking about! He was SUPER excited to be there. He was SO excited that he jumped up and scratched Mom's face. I was a little insulted that he did that to my Mom, but she seems OK with it. While the greeted each other and Mom met Rebel's new mom Meredith, I was a really good girl. I sat back and took it all in.

Then, the people sat down for a meal. I took a nap - but of course, Mom didn't take any pictures of ME sleeping - just a Rebel. Here he is, being good (and "SO handsome!" as Mom kept saying)

The place we were at is a culinary school - they went all out making it about us dogs! Here is what the people got for dessert - they all kept calling it precious and yummy at the same time. Talk about gushing! You'd think these people had never seen a paw print before! How come Mom doesn't gush like that when I track muddy paw prints into the house?? But these are ok huh??

Then it was time for the ceremony. Rebel put on his cap, and made his way up front. Again that "handsome" word help floating around... He's cute and all, but look at me! I'm adorable!

By then, I was tired of being dignified. So, I flipped over and begged for some belly rubs! Guess what! My tactics worked! You should that belly to a room full of dog people and they go nuts with the belly rubs! Talk about fantastic! I was in doogy heaven!

Sadly, we had to go back to work after that! But, really, it was ok because I was dog tired! I curled up for a nap in my crate. An hour later when it was time to go home, it was all Mom could do to wake me up and get me on my feet - cute feet that they are! It was time to head home and relax!

Love and Licks,


Megan and Fullerton said...

Sounds like a very fun day. I am so happy to hear that Rebel has found his lot in life. :D I can definitely see some of his mommy in that sweet face. And off course Poppy, you are beautiful too.

Anna said...

That sounds like a fun day! Watching other dogs work is always a great time.