Monday, May 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons Day 2

Lester and I had a chat last night about the giant water bowl. He told me that things (toys or people) in the water really worry him. That's why he keeps going in to get them out. He also told me that its not a giant water bowl - it's actually a pool. I don't know the difference - they both hold water that I can drink and splash in...

So today, I decided that I wasn't even going in the pool. But, playing out by the water and helping Lester rescue his toys from the water is fun. The people had breakfast out by the pool this morning, then hung out and let us dogs play while they relaxed. I only got in trouble once or twice for going to the mud puddle instead of the pool. So, Lester and I tag teamed again. Dad thinks Lester's worry about things in the pool is comical, so he kept throwing the stuff back in over and over.
Lester tried to just paddle stuff back to him some of the time. He would paw at the water and hope to pull the toy in to him. Some times, it worked. So, Dad and I decided to give his method a try - I even put my paw in all on my own. But don't get too excited - I wasn't putting any more than that one paw in!

Most of the time it did more to push the toy across the pool to the other side. But, that could be fun too! We would run to the other side to wait for it to come.

After all that running, it was time for a rest! I was pooped!

When it was time to go inside, I went to the place for wet dogs - it was ok again today because I was sleepy after all that fun! Nap Time!

Hope we get some more fun in before the long weekend is over and we are back to work!

Love and Licks,