Monday, May 25, 2009

Learning to swim - sorta! Day 1

Fresno is a fun place to be! After going to see a movie with the people, we all spent the afternoon by the giant water bowl. If you remember I have a drinking problem so, I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I carefully walked the edge of the water bowl to see what the people were doing in there. Really - who gets all the way in a water bowl??

Dad then picked me up and brought me in the pool. I did NOT like that! No matter how much of a "water dog" I am, I just don't think I want to put my whole body in the giant water bowl. So I swam right to the edge and got out!
But, Lester told me that it is way fun to be by the water bowl - but he hates it when people put stuff in there! People are so silly! They put all sorts of dog toys and big noodle things in the water bowl. Not sure what they want with them in there, but I think it is just weird. So, I helped Lester keep them out - He would go in and retrieve them, then I would run around with them in my mouth to keep them out of the water!

The people finally got out of the giant water bowl and dried off before heading inside. I was wiped out and went for a nap in my crate (now that it is kitty poo free, I am happy to go inside!)

Just remembering my day makes me need another nap!

Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Lester must be a bit OCD! How funny. Looks like Poppy had fun. Glad to see there's still water in the pool, so she must not have drunk all the water up!

Madison and Butler said...

Butler was trying to drink the water in the pool yesterday as well. Yesterday must have been "take your dog swimming day!" My 2nd pup Andros one time drank like a TON of water and then had to pee the rest of the day every 2 this time I watched better.

I am not sure I've ever introduced myself. My name is Madison and I am currently raising my 3rd puppy Butler for CCI.