Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's the day!

After many long nights in the kennel, I get to go home today!! I am so excited! (Of course, I've been told that I am excited about everything life has to offer, but this is different!) I was born at Guide Dogs and spent a few months there, before going to my first home. I knew that I would come back to Guide Dogs for "college," but I didn't expect life to toss me back there so early! It's been fun, living in the kennels with so many friends, but at 6 months old, I am ready for a home to call my own! I'm going to have lots of rules and high expectations, but I think I can live up to it!

So, one more trip to community run for a romp with the other dogs, one more breakfast in the run. But, no more nights here! I've met my new family a couple times and I am excited to see what happens next! And, best of all, some of my old kennel friends will still be around! I will get to see Morrissey, my golden buddy, and some two-foot friends too.

I hear that I better put my cute face on, because many pictures will be taken in my new home. I'm ready!

Love and Licks,