Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Day. Another Dollar.

It has been one exciting day!! As you know, I think work with Mom is quite boring. There is not much to do when we are not out for a walk at lunch time. I get to watch people come and go, but that crate really stinks. I like when Mom comes out of the "Bio-secure" area and can visit with me, but I get that she can't always do that.

Our normal morning routine was different this morning! Normally, Dad takes me out to do my business while Mom is in the shower. Then, its back in the crate while she finishes up and he heads off to work. Then we get play time and breakfast. But, today! What a day! Dad came and got me like normal. We went outside and I did all my business. I was on my way back to my crate, but Dad stopped at the food bowls. Oh Glory!! Did he really just get my food bowls out a whole 20 minutes earlier than normal!??! Woo Hoo!!

And that was just the beginning! Breakfast came early and I never went back in my crate. Mom came out and said good bye and DAD took me with him! Are you kidding me?!?! What's going on?? We had a really long drive (but that's ok, because I like to nap in the car - or chew the strap off the umbrella. That's what I did this morning! Oops! They didn't even know it was there!) Then I went to to my Dad's office! Wow! That was so cool! He put me on tie-down at his desk and I got to be out ALL day long!! I got to meet his co-workers and it was way fun! I did a little napping, but it was so exciting to be out of the crate that I mostly looked around all day.

It was a good day! And guess what - I hear I get to do it again tomorrow! Woo hoo!! I also heard that Dad's boss is bringing his dog in to the office tomorrow too (cause they sometimes come, but they wanted me to settle in before the whole gang shows up).

Now, it's time to play! Yippy!

Love and Licks,

PS I promise to post pictures and tell you about my exciting weekend tomorrow. I've been way busy this week!


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

What a lucky girl! Good thing Dad's office doesn't have to be biosecure. You better stay on his good side!