Sunday, April 26, 2009

Butter and Eggs, but still hungry!

Another busy weekend is coming to an end. I love weekends! Mom and Dad think they are more relaxing than work days, but I think they are way more fun with much more going!

Saturday, we went to Butter and Egg Days in our town. I'm not real sure what it was all about, but I didn't get to taste any butter or any eggs. How can I come away from a celebration of such things hungry??

We started at the Cutest Chick Contest. Mom's company puts it on, so she had to work. Dad and I got to man the line and make sure all the contestants were lined up in order. Since I watched them all go by, I KNOW I could have beaten the tail feathers off the competition! I'm WAY cuter than they were! Whatever.

Then, it was on to the parade! There's nothing like a good parade! Though, this was my first parade, so maybe others aren't so fabulous. First, I took a little snooze to refresh myself for the show.

Then I was up and ready for the parade! Most people will show you pictures from the people view, but who wants to see that! This is what I saw at the parade:

Then, a guy that I recognize came by on a tractor! That's Mom's boss and the float that had our Cutest Chick Contest winners on it - some of my work friends too!

After that, I gave up on my quest to be a great parade goer. The kid next to me was asleep, so I decided to follow his lead. Yes... the inside of my eyelids were a great parade view! I was tuckered!

Before we headed home, we went to see if Cabana was there. She wasn't so I sat at her booth for a minute, looking cute for her. Every booth needs a yellow lab, right??

Today we went to church like we always do. I'm liking it better now that I am being trusted to behave more. I can sit and be good and get pets when people ask. It's great! I even got to help be a greeter today. I sit and look cute while Mom and Dad write name tags. Then it was home to help with yard work. Dad mowed and Mom painted. I just wandered around looking cute!

After a while, someone stopped by. It was a friend of mine! Berlin is here to stay with us for the week! I'm so excited! No one told me that I had a visitor coming! I can't wait to play with her and tell you all about it.

Now - it's time for dinner!
Love and licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Thanks for visiting my booth, Poppy! I was having a dogless day--a rarity, so it was nice to get a little puppy fix! Come over and play with Cabana soon!