Sunday, April 12, 2009

Go To Bed!

People that know me will tell you that I am always learning something new. Some days, I think Mom has lost it when she is trying to teach me some of this stuff. And some days, I just want to tell her to go jump off a bridge – really?? Down?? I don’t wanna! Run! Jump! Play! Those are things that I want to do!

But, Mom brought out something new that has me intrigued. Mom put the wooly mat on the floor, then just sits back and watches what I do. I know she has treats with her. I know she is waiting for me to do something. But, what??

I'm thinking... thinking... the mat is on the floor. Mom is standing stalk still, not touching the treat pouch. How can I get her to give me something?? What if I step on it? Yea!! That got me a "Nice!" and kibble. So, if I step off, will I get more?? Nope - that didn't work. Mom? What are you wanting from me? Yes! That got me another!

My front feet? Will that get me kibble?? Yes! More kibble! Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Will 4 feet on get me more?? Yup!! 4 feet scores!
Maybe 4 feet and a head tilt?? That worked too!! Now what should I try?? How about a sit on the mat?? What will that get me??
Fabulous!! That got me a jackpot!! That was fun!!

Tummy full, so I must be all trained for now, right?? I can't wait for the mat to come out again so we can learn some more. Heck - I can't wait for Mom to pull out the bait bag again!

Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Such a smart girly! I love her head tilt--it's so endearing!

Carrie and Waffle said...

Like the new training instructions. Lani left before we were trained in the go to bed command.

good job Poppy!

Poppy The Puppy said...

Our last puppy freaked out when being asked to offer behavior. He would just drool and stare at me. Its fun to have a puppy that is getting it! Yea!!