Sunday, September 6, 2009

Accord and I in Sea Ranch - Cabin Living

Ok, I finally have some downtime on my vacation to update my blog about my last vacation (I've been a very busy girl since I came home from being in season! Makes me wonder what I missed!)
Much of the weekend was about relaxing! This window seat was Mom's favorite place to hang out. Curled up to read and chat with the family with a Me at her feet!
This is what Mom saw from the window seat

Dad's favorite spot was outside on the deck. It was a giant water bowl! But, the water was bubbly and hot and stinkin! Mom said it was chlorine, but I thought it was stinky! I didn't even want to drink the water! And with my drinkin' problem, that's amazing! I approached it very carefully at first.
Ewww!! Stinky!
So Accord and I just hung out by the hot tub instead. Jenn came out to hang with us too.

Accord and I played some games too - our favorite was Want the Toy The Other One Has! Good game! But kinda tiring! But, it always left me with a smile!

Then it was back inside for a nap! All that playing makes us tired! I caught Accord taking a nap!

Hey! That's my old Nylabone! *sigh* since I can't have them, they went to live with Accord. At least my Goughnut came too.

Stay turned! More pics to come!
Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Looks like a nice place--and so fun that Accord and Poppy got to hang together. They're so lucky!