Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation Recap Part 1

Now that I am mostly recovered from my vaca, I can share all my adventures. I say "almost" recovered because my feet are still sore! I decided that this one rock REALLY needed to get out of the water. But it was stuck under the sand! So, I tried to rescue it by digging it out. I tried and tried and tried! But, it didn't work! But, it did flatten out the pads on my front feet! They are now smooth, shiny and a bit ouchy when I first get up.

We did all sorts of stuff while we were away. The main goal was to relax and enjoy the area. Mom grew up with the beach house in her family, but Dad has never had the chance to spend more than a weekend there. So, Mom showed him all sorts of different stuff there. The best part was going to the beach to play, but there was other stuff going on at the beach too! Up the coast, near San Simeon, there are all these giant blobs on the sand! It's crazy!! Mom said they were Elephant Seals. They were ginormous! And Mom says they were all the kids! The Dad can weigh as much as 71 mes! That's 4000 pounds! Yikes! I wouldn't want to get tto close to them!

Our on way back from there, we went to this place called Hearst Castle. I'm not sure what a castle is, but I assume it means HOT! It was hot as Dad's BBQ! We walked around the exterior of the building on our tour, looking at the gardens (Yup, those 2-foots are geniuses choosing the Garden Tour when it is 105 outside!) We got to go through some rooms and hid in the shade a lot. I was SUPER bummed when we visited the pool. It was crazy big and looked SO refreshing! I tried to get under the fence for a dip, but Mom caught me and pulled me back! Bummer!

We also spent lots of time on the beach. We walked on the pier and played in the water:

My grandma an Lester came to visit while we were there too!

It was a good time!

We also went shopping in town. There are lots of little shops that were WAY boring!! But, there was one that was REALLY cool!! Not only did it have some cute cups with dogs on them that Mom bought, but it had the greatest name!

Now that is one shop that I must go back to!
After all that running around, I was a sleepy pup! So, I made sure to spend lots of time sunning myself out on the deck too. Now that is relaxing!

More to come!
Love and Licks,


Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

I love your new Poppy header! Great photos! Sorry your feet hurt, Pops--owie!

Poppy The Puppy said...

Thanks! It's not perfect - changes are coming, but it was good enough for now. Feet are better now :)