Sunday, January 3, 2010


OK, so I am going way back with this one! We had some random holiday back in October called Halloween. By its name, I thought I would spend the whole day howling. But, instead of howling, these crazy people dressed me up! How insane is that?!? I already wear a fur coat all the time, plus a puppy coat when I am out in public. How many things does one dog need to wear?!?!

So, Mom and I went shopping one day and we went to this crazy store. It was full of people wearing crazy things. There were ghosts and zombies and even a president or two! Crazy! So, I thought I made it out safe and sound, cause Mom didn't put any of that stuff on me in the store. But, alas, I was not safe. I ended up like this:
Poppy sitting with her flower costume on her back Flower costume - a backpack style flower on her back. Big yellow petals with pink polka dots

Mom called me her "Delicate Little Flower." I think she was being sarcastic though, cause everyone laughed at the word delicate. What?!? Do people not think of me when they hear that word?? I'm not sure if I should be insulted or not. And, not only did they make me dress like a dork, they couldn't even take a good picture of me looking like a dork! I'm blurry! Geez!

This is how Mom and Dad ended up. They were Bacon and Eggs. Which, would be good, if they let me eat it. But, as usual, I wasn't allowed to touch them. Ugh!

John and Cassie, dressed as Bacon and Eggs


Brittany said...

Sorry Poppy! Halloween is a rough time for some PITs. Our people love to dress us up and parade us around at parties. Silly people!

-Hobbs and Patriot