Tuesday, January 5, 2010


No! Not scavenging for food! That would get me in SO much trouble!! My puppy friends and I went on a photo scavenger hunt with our puppy raisers. It was in our mall and there was a list of clue that we had to figure out and take pictures of. Dogs were in every picture. It was a lot of fun! I couldn't be with Mom or Dad because they wrote the hunt clues! Little did the team know that I would be their secret weapon! Mom and Dad may have written the clues, but I was with them every step of the way!

We had to find some Mexican food at Rubios
Poppy, Tara and Tulani outside Rubio's with their raisers
Find a bench that would fit us all
Tara, Tulani and Poppy with raisers sitting on a bench
Take an elevator ride
The pups and raisers entering the elevator
Visit the mall map
The pups and raisers at the Mall Map
Find a way to get on TV
A small video screen with the dogs walking by
Get some Smoothie Action in
The dogs and raisers at the Smoothie Kiosk
Jack and I had to ride the kiddie roller coaster
Jack and Poppy getting out of the kiddie roller coaster ride
And Nick and I had to write a letter to Santa
Nick in a chair next to Santa's mailbox. Poppy trying to lie down with her tail a blur of movement

It was a lot of fun! Despite me looking like a dork in the picture with Nick. I was trying to lay down! I was sleeeeepy after all that running around! Oh well!

I hope we get to do it again soon!

Love and Licks,


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

That was a fun meeting! You guys made the scavenging hints TOUGH!

Cassie (and Poppy the Puppy) said...

I always love that outing! If it makes you feel better about how tough the clues were, it was equally tough to come up with them this time!