Monday, January 11, 2010

Sheep Sheep Sheep

Oh how I would love to be friends with these guys - err, gals! Girl power! Sometimes these girls live where Mom and I work. And sometimes, the very same sheep live across the street from our house! I'm not sure how they get from place to place! I never see them move. We come to work and they are at home. Then, we go for our lunch time walk and there they are! If it takes Mom and I 15 minutes to drive from our house to work, I wonder how long it takes the sheep to walk over. Maybe I'll be able to follow them some day.

So, anyway! I distract myself sometimes. The Ladies (as Mom and I call them) usually see me coming and take off running. Even if they are eating! They bolt! Are they crazy?!?! Hello! Food is ALWAYS better than being scared of something! This is what The Ladies usually look like:

And they are off! Run run run run!
Hurry up Ladies! The big scary me might get ya!
That's where they end up - WAY out in the field! Too far away for me to make friends. I'm not sure why they don't like me. Think I smell?? I'm just a little puppy.

Because of their typical behavior, I was shocked when I stopped to umm... "Do my business" on the outside of their fence. Instead of running, The Ladies all hung out and watched me. It was so strange!
I think it was the shorty out front. I don't recognize her. They came so close, I almost tried a play bow to see what they would do.
So, maybe Shorty will convince them that I am OK. Maybe someday, I will get to go romp in the field with them. Maybe someday I will call The Ladies my friends. Maybe someday, I will swagger right up to them and enjoy some oats and corn from their feed silos with them.

OK. I know I'm dreaming! But a girl's gotta have dreams, right??

Love and Licks,


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

No wonder you sleep so much at your mom's work, Poppy--you have so many sheep to count!!