Saturday, January 2, 2010

Drums and Pumpkins

Poppy sitting with a pumpkin

Uncle Andy and Auntie Susan came over with my cousins a couple months ago. My two-foot cousin Brian is 4 and my 4-foot cousin Granger is old! He was one of Mom's other guide dog puppies. But, he's a diva and doesn't want to work.

So, Dad and Uncle Andy hung out and played drums. They are both drummers and Uncle Andy was helping Dad with some conga lessons. Brian really likes the drumming and he joined in too.
Brian playing the congas with his Uncle JohnBrian clapping for a job well done
After Brian was done playing with the guys, Mom, Auntie Susan and I decided that we should go look for pumpkins. I LOVE the pumpkin patch! It was SO much fun!

Poppy and Brian with a pumpkin

Brian and I discussed some pumpkins, but couldn't decide on any to take home. But, it was icky sticky hot outside anyway. We didn't stay long because it was too sticky and because Mom and Auntie Susan didn't have enough hands to walk Brian and I AND pick up pumpkins. So, we just looked at the pumpkins and animals, then headed back home.
Brian sitting on a big pumpkin
Brian got so tired that he decided to make a chair out of this pumpkin. I would have laughed if he got pumpkin seeds in his pants!

Love and Licks,