Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation Time!

Yesterday was a way long day! After hours of work, I had to sit in the car for-EVER!! We stopped in some place called Salinas for dinner, then it was back in the car. I didn't think they were ever going to let me out! But, finally we stopped the car and got out at a house I have never been to before. But, my grandparents were there and so was Lester! (He's the golden retriever that lives with my grandparents - he tried to teach me to swim on my last trip to Fresno)

It was fun to see him, but right after we got there, it was time for bed! Let me tell you - that was NOT working for me! And since we didn't have a crate, I got up and down all night long! It was SO much fun to bug Mom and Dad all night!

This morning, we woke up and hung out around the house - the people call it the Beach House. I don't know why - there isn't any beach in the house. Dad and I hung out on the deck and played with bubbles - it was such fun! Gram kept telling me that bubbles don't taste good - but I thought they did!

Then we headed off to Avila Beach for some shopping and wandering around. That wasn't too exciting - I wasn't even allowed on the beach! Actually -we didn't try to go. It was a no dogs beach and what fun is sand and water with your puppy coat on?? None!

We ended up at a place called Avila Farm. There were all sorts of friends there! Goats! Roosters! Sheep! Peacocks! Cows and mini horses! It was SO much fun to see all the animals! There was also a big giant tire. It was SO big I could sit inside!

After a nap at home, the best was yet to come! After the people ate dinner, we went over to a house near by. When we drove up, there were 2 dogs out on the balcony - a lab and a cross. Mom started saying hi to the lab - called him Pele. Hey! I've heard that name before! Mom raised him a long time ago and he now lives with their friends. The cross is also a CC dog. Her name is Loden. We visted with them for a little while, then we went off to the beach! Yippy!!!

I had SO much fun romping in the waves! I love jumping over the white foam and into the water! I love racing through the water at full speed. It was SO much fun! The seaweed smells SO good! I love sniff sniff sniffing it!

Of course, Dad caught me in an intimate moment on the beach. All that fun in the sun(set) gets a girls tummy a little upset, ya know?? But, my Dad always has that camera going and caught me!

Lots more on tomorrow's agenda! I'm gonna need a week of work to recover from this! Time for bed! I think I'm gonna let Mom and Dad sleep tonight! I'm zonked!

Love and Licks,