Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Conference Weekend

Since I spent a whole month off from blogging, I think I need to go back and update you on some of the stuff that I did. I am always doing something new! Its been nothing but fun - which is why I took some time away from the paw top computer. Its hard to have fun and keep up with your blogging!

A couple weeks ago, Mom, Gram, Auntie Susan and I all met up with a whole lotta women! It was insane! There was so much estrogen in the building that I almost came in season! Ha! We listened to a woman named Beth Moore speak. We did lots of singing too. It was a lot like church - but instead of 200 of my friends, it was 6,000 women! But some of my church friends were there. I always think it is kinda odd to go out of town and be someplace totally new and run into people who I know! Look at all these women! At least they were mostly dog loving women, who liked to give belly rubs!

I sat and watched when I wasn't asleep Even when the lights were out, I did my best to stay awake and pay attention.

At least a cute little cross named Dot had to sit and be good through the conference too! She looked like she would be super fun to play with! She's an 8 month old black cross and I really really wanted to play! But, we had to be good! But, eventually, I decided I was bored. So, I got out my "Are you kiddding me??" face and put all my energy behind it.

How could that face not convince you that I was ready to go?!?!

I will tell you a secret about the weekend though... Mom, Gram and Auntie Sue stayed in a hotel together. Because the others had the sniffles, Mom decided to sleep on the floor - WITH ME!!! I slept under the table that was in the room and Mom slept next to me. It was great! (And don't listen to Mom! It didn't smell *that* bad when I tooted in her face!)

Oh well, it was a fun weekend! Even if it was stinkin hot! No place should be 110 degrees! Ouch! Time to cool off!

Love and Licks,