Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

What a day of excitement and fun! There's only one part of the day that I would have changed. I would have had the silly people make sure they had a non-leather leash when went to the beach! Getting my feet wet is just not enough to satisfy me!

So, we got up early and headed into Cayucos for breakfast. The staff people there were weird - they were all dressed like hippies! It's not like it was Halloween people! But, it was cool cause they ate out on the deck, so Lester got to come too!

Then, it was out for the parade! We took some pictures while waiting for the start.

Then the parade started coming! The big giant flag was really cool!

So far away from our farm, but even here there was a dancing chicken!

Hey! Look! There are our hippies from breakfast! Oooh... The Sea Shanty of Love! Got it!

This one made my Dad drool! I didn't know that people can drool too! But, he loves old cars and flames!

Then, it was off to the beach to look at the sand castles. We had to walk quite a way to get there. Look at all the people! It was crazy crowded!

The sand castles were really cool! I thought sand was just for digging in! Who knew you could build stuff out of it!

I did have one scary moment though! There was a shark on the beach and I thought it was going to eat me! It was super scary! But, then I realized it was made of sand and I would be ok!

After that scare, I really wanted to go in the water. But, we didn't have a flexi leash with us - just my good leather leash. I got to get my tooties wet, but that was all. I cried a little.

Mom and Dad promised they would take me for a swim later in the afternoon, but I was SO tired when we got home that I conked out! By the time I was up and moving again, there was so much going on at the beach that I couldn't go. No fireworks for me! I stayed snug and a bug in my crate while the family went to the beach for the show. Lester told me that we were better off at home. Of course, he's a wimp! I think it would have been fun! OH well - maybe next year!