Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking a break!

I'm taking a break - already! I had such an exciting day yesterday! I just can't wait until I get through all the old stuff to tell you about it! So, I'm taking a break from recapping you about my adventures while I was taking a break.

After Dad and I hung out all day on Friday, we all went to visit my Aunt Susan, Uncle Andy, cousin Brian and dog cousin Granger. My grandparents and Lester came too! On Saturday we went to a place called Apple Hill. I don't know why they call it Apple Hill - I didn't see any apples there! I think it should be called Christmas Tree Hill. Cause that's what was there! And that's what we went shopping for! Who shops for a tree?!?! These people are crazy!

This is the one that Dad wanted. Mom and I had to talk some sense into him. Our ceilings are way up in the air at our house, but this was just too much!

Brian and I had an intense conversation about what kind of tree we each need. We decided that we like the short, squat, us-sized trees. This one seems just about perfect to us. For some reason, the adults didn't agree with us and kept looking for a different tree. They don't know what they are missing!

Then, we found one that will actually fit in the house! Dad decided to cut it down and bring put it in Papa's truck. Brian picked out a tree too. The trees got to ride together in Papa's truck.

After these crazy people cut down the tree, they wrapped it like a mummy! From there, it went in the truck! SOOOO strange!

After we loaded up the trees, it was time to head back to the house! We stopped for lunch. As usual, I got stuck under the table while all the people got to eat! It makes me SO jealous!! That place smelled really nummy! When we got home, it was time to do some playing and some napping. Uncle Andy and I played before I settled in for a nap.

I'm not sure what happened next. I settled in for a nap. I needed to rest after the day I'd had! I was dreaming away, oofing and running in my dreams. Then, I woke up. To this.

No one will tell me what happened, but I think I might be embarrassed to know. Perhaps I should just leave well enough alone and try to sleep lighter in the future.

Love and Licks,


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Those HUGE trees would have been so awesome! Too bad Dad didn't get to bring home one of the ones he wanted!