Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chill-axin at Sea Ranch

What a weekend! I'll have to post pictures in my next entry cause I'm not on my own paw-top this weekend. My grandpaw turned 80 this week, so our family all met up at this place called Sea Ranch. With a word like Sea in the name, you would think I would see more water. But all I see is lots of trees! Big! Giant! Huge trees! Crazy big trees! Mom says they are red wood trees - and she's right, the wood is kinda red.

Because this is Dad's family, Accord is here too! What fun!! We've been playing and having fun (while being good too, of course). We have chewed on bones together and played tug. We have romped on the decks and gone potty on the strangest ground! It's all prickly and feels funny under my feet! And don't ask me to sit on it! NOT fun!! A girl is sensitive back there, ya know?!?!

We have seen some crazy stuff while we left home yesterday. As we were driving here, there were cows in the middle of the road!! How crazy is that? Don't they know that cars are dangerous? Silly cows! I knew that were all sorts of other friends around here just by smelling the ground around the house, but we have seen some crazy things! A couple of foxes came running around the house! And a whole bunch of deer have been around! But then came the ugly... Oh so ugly!! Mom called them turkeys. But, she calls me a turkey sometimes, but I don't look anything like them! They have wrinkly reddish heads and skinny scaley legs. And there were SO many of them! At least 10 were walking around the driveway! It was SO crazy! Next time Mom calls me a turkey, I'm gonna say "I'm WAY cuter than that!"

Accord is awake and says its time to play again! Gotta go!

Love and Licks,



Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Dear Poppy, please tell your mom that we need some photos of you and Accord together. That would be too cute!